These are the 7 Main Types Of Bracelets For Guys

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If you’re looking for a way to personalize your style with men’s jewelry, bracelets are a good way to go. And we’re here to help!

We’re going to break down the main types of bracelets for guys and the materials they’re made from. After this, you’ll know which ones go well with your individual style.

Since you wear bracelets in literally the same place you wear a wristwatch, they’re a fun and easy accessory—regardless of your experience with jewelry!

three closeups of man's wrist with different styles of bracelets

These are the 7 Main Bracelet Styles You’ll See Men Wearing Most Often

Beaded Bracelets

If you like variety in colors and textures, beaded bracelets are an effective choice. These beads can be made from almost anything (which we’ll get into later).

closeup of man's wrist wearing beaded bracelets
A selection of beaded bracelets in different sizes

You can mix beads of different materials and hues for an eclectic vibe, or match complementary beads for a varied yet cohesive look.

A good example of the latter is this AWNL beaded bracelet. It mostly consists of the sleek blue meteorite beads, accented with white Rune charms for an overall chic aesthetic.

It’s also a good example of a beaded bracelet with meaning, which is common. Mala beads, for example, have roots in Hindu and Bhuddist meditation.

Cuff Bracelets

A cuff bracelet is a sturdy piece of men’s jewelry that goes around the wrist without a closure.

Men’s cuff bracelets are usually made of metal, which adds a nice flashiness to your outfit. They can also be made of textiles like leather, which would blend in more organically with most outfits.

Cuffs are usually more of a casual accessory, especially the thicker or distressed ones. Traditionally, cuff bracelets are designed to be worn with the open side down, but sometimes you’ll see guys wear them open side up.

Braided Bracelets

If you’re an elder millennial, you might remember trading friendship bracelets at school. Braided bracelets are sort of a grown-up version of that, adding texture and topography to your outfit.

6 colorful braided bracelets on wood table

Braided bracelets for men come in a variety of materials. They can be made of fabric, rope, hemp, or even beaded strands or strips of metal—all of which give a different vibe.

A hemp bracelet might have an earthy look, while a metal braided bracelet might be more industrial or modern. 

You can also get engraved versions like a men’s metal cuff molded to look like it’s been braided.

Chain Bracelets

A chain bracelet, also known as a link bracelet, is made by connecting multiple links of metal into one long strand. Around since Roman times, they’re highly functional and usually have a clasp that attaches one side to the other.

They come in a variety of link styles and designs, from subtle chains, like Miansai’s Annex Cuban Bracelet, to super thick statement pieces. 

Tennis Bracelet

Another kind of chain bracelet is the tennis bracelet, which is composed of gemstones (usually diamonds or diamond simulants), in a symmetrical arrangement.

tennis bracelet on table
Tennis bracelet from James Allen. Traditionally feminine but easily adopted by the edgier, flashier gent.

Tennis bracelets are super elegant since they balance opulence with subtlety, due to their often thin composition.

And yes! You can wear a tennis bracelet. Mix it with a metal cuff or cuban link bracelet, or heck, do the high-low style and throw in a leather and beaded bracelet in there. Sky’s the limit, really.

Rope Bracelets

Men’s rope bracelets range from light and sophisticated metal pieces to heavy, chunky fabric pieces. 

closeup of rope bracelets on wrist

Many rope bracelets are made from natural fibers, are comfortable on the skin, and give off different kinds of casual tones. For example, a brightly colored rope bracelet might have a surfer look, while a fibrous material might look more folksy.

Nautical bracelets are a popular type of rope bracelet, which we’re giving its own category:

Nautical Bracelets

Whether your nautical bracelet has a metal anchor charm or is more vaguely made of rope or sail, it’s a sporty look that, naturally, pairs well with dive watches.

Miansai carries a hook bracelet, very heavy nautical vibes in this one.

They’re definitely casual, since they have an almost DIY aesthetic. And since they’re often made with industrial material you can find on a boat, they’re super durable and can withstand water exposure.

Different Bracelet Materials 

Now that you know the top styles of bracelets that men can wear, it’s time to discuss the materials you can get them in!


Some of the most often-used metals in bracelets are brass (common in costume jewelry), stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, palladium, and tungsten. Titanium has certainly risen up in the ranks of popular men’s jewelry metals.

Titanium is as strong as stainless steel, but more comfortable to wear since it’s 40% lighter, making it perfect for therapeutic bracelets like this Feraco Bracelet. It’s also hypoallergenic.

Despite their low cost, stainless steel and titanium are excellent alternatives to precious metals since they’re strong and offer a beautiful sheen.

Precious metals

And speaking of precious metals, the most commonly used is, of course, gold. Since it’s so soft, gold is mixed with other metals.

The lowest concentration is 10 karats, which is also the strongest type, while the highest and purest concentration is 24 karats.

Fourteen karats and 18 karats tend to be the most commonly sold. Anything lower than 10 karats is considered gold-plated.

You can also choose the color of gold, which changes based on the amount of copper or silver in the alloy.

gld miami cuban link bracelet
Example of a gold cuban link bracelet from GLD

Yellow is its natural color, white gold looks more like platinum or silver, and rose gold has a warm, reddish tint. (For more on how men can wear rose gold, check out our guide here!)

Silver and platinum look quite similar, but platinum is more expensive, and much more durable. It’s likely why so many people opt for it for their wedding ring.

When shopping for silver, make sure to look for the 925 symbol (which assures it’s 92.5% sterling silver), and platinum could be marked with PLAT, 950, or 999. 

White precious metals are usually more understated since they go with any outfit, while yellow gold is more eye-catching.

Of course, this also depends on the design of the piece of jewelry. This Mejuri box chain bracelet, for example, looks subtly sophisticated in either silver or gold because of its classic, thin design.

You can also wear gold and silver together.


Despite the fact that leather watch bands are often (not always) paired with dress watches or fanciful timepieces, leather bracelets are usually more rugged or adventurous looking.

This Wolf and Badger Leather Bracelet, for example, has a sturdy appearance that can be worn with a simple t-shirt and jeans.

It’s also made of cowhide, which a lot of leather bracelets are, though you can also find more exotic leathers. Snakeskin, alligator, and ostrich often come with texturing that makes it look more upscale.

Two styles of leather bracelets.

There are four main grades of leather. 

  • Full-grain leather comes from the top of the animal hide and is the highest-quality. It’s durable, soft, more breathable than other leathers, and patinates beautifully.
  • Top grain leather is a bit thinner than full-grain, and is sanded down to create a uniform and smooth surface. Top grain is often used to emboss a pattern, like imitation alligator or ostrich.
  • Genuine leather is the middle part of the hide. It can be treated to look like top grain or full-grain, but will always be stiffer.
  • Bonded leather is the lowest grade, constituted of production leftovers.

Check out our round-up of leather bracelets for guys for a range of choices at all price points!


Men’s fabric bracelets can be made of an assortment of materials, from sturdy canvas to a woven thread. One benefit of fabric bracelets is that you can often throw them in the laundry.

(But really, only if necessary… and if so, put them in a small wash bag. Don’t just throw them in the washer because they’re bound to get lost or ruined.) 

They can be braided for thickness and texture, or even have a quilt-like arrangement, which has a Bohemian feel. Some Native American style bracelets combine fabrics and beads to create beautiful patterns or images.


Paracord bracelets, also known as survival bracelets, are technically utilitarian pieces of EDC, made for emergency situations in which you’d need to tie things up, mend fabric, or even make a tourniquet.

closeup of green camo paracord bracelet on wrist
A paracord bracelet in camo fatigue pattern.

Still, it can be worn as a rugged accessory for style purposes. They add a sort of outdoorsy or Mad Max touch to casual outfits.

This Waxed Cord Bracelet from Wolf & Badger, for example, has a fun blue and orange color combination that can be partnered with bright summery outfits, as well as outdoorsy styles.


Beaded bracelets, as mentioned earlier, can be made of numerous materials. You can have beads made of stone, plastic, or metal.

Stone beads can be smooth with an organic pattern, for a look that’s organic but still sophisticated, or rougher and and earthier, like black lava beads.

Plastic and acrylic beads are often used in costume jewelry to imitate other materials, like stones. This way, it’s more affordable, lighter in weight, and a smaller barrier to entry when it comes to experimentation.

beaded bracelets in various sizes and styles on a man's wrist
Beaded bracelets in various sizes and styles.

Metal beads can look super modern, even industrial, or have a military aesthetic similar to the small beads used on a dog tag necklace. These pair well with field watches

Meanwhile, precious metal beads look more upscale, but can actually be used as an everyday bracelet if the beads are small enough, and you go with a strong material like platinum.

It’s no different than, say, investing in a Rolex and using it as your everyday watch.

Which Are The Right Bracelet(s) for You?

Now that you have an understanding of which types of bracelets are out there, hopefully you’ll find one that suits your own style. Otherwise, feel free to use this guide as a basis for experimenting!

Did you find this helpful? If you have any other questions about choosing the right bracelet for guys, whether that’s for you or a gift for someone else, contact us via Instagram DMs!

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