Thomas Sabo Jewelry: 20 Of Our Favorite Men’s Pieces

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Looking for rakish jewelry with a bit of an edge? Look no further than Thomas Sabo jewelry. In this article we’re highlighting 20 of our current favorite pieces, from rings to necklaces, pendants to bracelets.

It says a lot about a brand when, at the mere mention of its name, images of its style dance behind your eyes. This is most certainly the case with Thomas Sabo and if you haven’t heard of him yet, you’re in for a real treat.

watch and rings from Thomas Sabo, image via Thomas Sabo
image via Thomas Sabo

So, who exactly is Thomas Sabo?

Born in Austria, Sabo trained as a precision mechanic before shaking up the jewelry world with the foundation of his eponymous company in 1984. Since then, he and his Creative Director Susanne Kölbli have carved out a niche in the market unlike any other brand out there.

Thomas Sabo jewelry is renowned for taking the highest quality 925 Sterling Silver and making a collection as coveted as any rival collection made out of more precious materials.

Not that he only uses silver, though. In the following list you’ll see how he combines smooth and blackened silver detailing with cold enamel, Tiger’s eye and obsidian to excellent effect.

When it comes to men’s jewelry that really stands out, Thomas Sabo is peerless. Take a look at our 20 favorite pieces from his men’s jewelry collection.

Starting with Thomas Sabo Rings

Tree Of Love ring

The Tree of Love ring is a great place to start with Thomas Sabo, especially if the idea of big, brash designs makes you cringe.

The shoulders are lined with a simple band that elegantly frames the background to this norse-inspired, stylised tree. If you don’t mind a little bit more flashiness there’s a striking variation in gold, too.

Bourbon Lily ring

Really, what’s more classic than the Fleur-de-Lis? Or the ‘Bourbon Lily’ as Sabo names it. The fleur-de-lis design rests on a bed of black zirconias, adding an extremely satisfying texture to an otherwise smooth, polished ring.

This blending of textures is what Thomas Sabo does best. The ‘Bourbon Lily’ ring looks both baronial and modern when worn with a suit.

Cross ring

Crosses aren’t for everybody, admittedly, but this looks more like a geometric sunburst in silver than your typical religious symbol.

The smooth lines on the shoulders draw the eyes to the blackened silver background from which the cross explodes as the light strikes it. The minute detailing around the edges borders the scene beautifully and makes for an iconic Thomas Sabo jewelry piece without being too flashy.

Skull ring

I love this ring because, while it looks like a simple masculine ring with a faceted onyx, on closer inspection the detailing around the shoulders is made out in Sabo’s iconic skulls.

This completely changes the ring when you see it, taking a simple signet ring and giving it that Thomas Sabo brazen style without attracting too much attention.

There’s also a variation with Tiger’s Eye rather than onyx, which would look great with warmer colors in your outfit.

Love Knot ring

The Love Knot signet ring is an even more subtle version of the Bourbon Lily. It has the same bed of black zirconia but there is also an arabesque love knot that just blends right in without being lost.

The uniqueness of the symbol is a real conversation piece and, at the end of the day, that’s exactly why people buy Thomas Sabo.

men wearing jewelry closeup rings and bracelets

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Necklaces from Thomas Sabo (with and without pendants)

Blue Triangle Stone Pendant necklace

If you’re struggling to find the right necklace to go with your pendant then this is an excellent combination.

This simple design of this pendant benefits from an uncomplicated necklace to go with it and, in that combination, the eye is draw down to the deep blue of the lapis lazuli stone and the point.

Simple, classy and a great piece to start with!

Compass necklace

This compass necklace is so brazenly stocky it looks like an Imperial Roman shield at certain angles. But don’t think it’s so out there, you can’t pull it off.

Again, Thomas Sabo’s use of brilliant silver on stygian black onyx makes for a wonderfully masculine piece of jewelry that is both elegant and edgy. 

Beaded Skull bead necklace

If you’re looking to add a little more color and vibrancy to your life, then Thomas Sabo’s collections are bursting with exceptional pieces of colorful, masculine style.

One way in which Sabo achieves this without falling into the realm of ‘tacky jewelry’ is to ensure all his pieces are made of the finest materials.

In this case, on top of that sterling silver skull, there’s tiger‘s eye, jasper, treated red bamboo coral, simulated turquoise, and agate.

Tiger’s Eye bead necklace

Returning from our sojourn into ‘Colorful Sabo’, let’s settle down with the comforting warmth of this tiger’s eye necklace. Once again, the detailing on the silver just brings that extra element to what would ordinarily be quite a staid necklace.

However, nothing is ‘staid’ in Thomas Sabo’s world so, if you look closely, you’ll see that part of the detailing on the clasp is actually worked black zirconia. The attention to detail in these pieces is just exquisite!

different necklace chain link styles on a man profile

Anchor chain necklace

Now that you’ve got a better idea of the pendants we suggest, try pairing them with one of these chains.

First up, the striking anchor chain.

This wide anchor chain is available in five lengths. It would need a more robust pendant to balance it, but, paired with such a piece, you could create a great masculine look.

Ball chain necklace

The ball chain is a classic, rugged option. Historically, you always see this chain style paired with dog tags, but you can pair it practically any pendant.

Thomas Sabo makes his ball chain necklace from 925 sterling silver. This isn’t your everyday hardware store stainless steel version.

I do think that ball chains look best when worn with a pendant. This is one of the few necklace styles I wouldn’t wear by itself.

Belcher chain necklace

The Round Belcher chain is simple but remarkably versatile, coming in six different lengths. This chain can be combined with almost any pendant or, if you prefer, be worn on its own.

Thomas Sabo Belcher Chain
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The craftsmanship of the silver is enough of a draw to this necklace. But if you’re looking for something a little more colorful, Sabo’s signature silver also comes with 18k gold and rose gold plating.

Pendants from Thomas Sabo (add these to your chain!)

Cone pendant

Thomas Sabo describes this as a cone pendant with mystical effect. Its intricate design and unique shape (for a pendant) surely adds to its mystique.

The brilliant silver and stiletto-sharp point make this piece really stand out. Plus, the darkened silver designs add that little touch of detail to catch the eye while not being overpowering.

Egyptian Cross of Life pendant

The mix of blackened silver and black zirconia is back with this piece influenced by Egyptian mythology.

This is an excellent alternative to the traditional cross and ankh pendants you’re likely to find anywhere else.

Feather pendant

The attention to detail on this feather pendant just shows how Thomas Sabo can do ‘delicate’ as well as ‘devastating’.

Little black zirconias alight the leaf like sparkling dew and they catch the light perfectly. This is a pendant for someone who values understatement and appreciates how small details can really make an outfit.

Chinese Dragon Horns pendant

Now we’re in real Thomas Sabo territory. This particular pendant is only a little over 1″ in height and width. Visually, it packs a punch without being oversized or gaudy.

The Chinese Dragon Horns pendant has similarities with Minoan symbolism, which is very rare in men’s fashion.

Inlaid with cold enamel, the geometric lines are perfectly placed so as to highlight the curved bow of the horns. Worn over a simple T-shirt, this pendant is a real unique piece.

Thomas Sabo Bracelets (leather and metal options)

Hand-Woven Leather and Silver bracelet

This hand-woven bracelet with an extra-large lobster clasp is called an everyday companion, and that is a very apt description.

It’s so simple and subtle, it could be used in most situations, dressed up or down. The clasp detailing is just enough to distinguish it as the work of a master professional that it is.

Tiger’s Eye bead bracelet

If you have a larger wrist then this is most definitely the bracelet for you.

Tiger’s eye beads are polished in such a way as to give them a velvet-like texture. They’re separated by a silver Thomas Sabo link and a slick obsidian bead engraved with a Chinese symbol.

Apt for any season, it stands out on a bare arm or just resting on the cuff of a sleeve.

Skull King bracelet

We teased you with the small Sabo skulls adorning a ring. But no list of Thomas Sabo jewelry would be complete without an impressive, stand-alone skull.

In this case, the crowned skull stares brazenly out from a ring of matte obsidian. It’s both macabre and effortlessly cool.

Ethnic Bangle bracelet

Let’s take a step away from the macabre for a minute. Here we have an excellent example of how Thomas Sabo’s influences come from all over the globe.

In this case, the geometric designs look like they’ve been taken right out of an Inca tapestry.

It’s understated but far from dull and, worn with a dark suit or shirt, it’ll really shine as a piece of jewelry you’d be proud to have on your wrist.

Which of our Thomas Sabo favorites do you like best?

Be sure to head over to the Thomas Sabo website to see more jewelry, as well as a pretty impressive watch collection, too.

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