The 10 Best Streetwear Jewelry Brands To Cop Your Next Piece From

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Streetwear is synonymous with casual yet edgy style, but it’s easy to fall into the jeans and T-shirt trap. Adding a few pieces of carefully thought-out streetwear jewelry is a great way to inject something unique into your outfit that’ll take your personal style to 110%.

Plenty of streetwear jewelry brands do a great job combining affordability and on-trend style. From rings to necklaces and bracelets, a few carefully selected pieces will make your style stand out from the crowd.

Just don’t go overboard; you don’t want to look like LL Cool J straight outta 1986.

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Our Favorite Streetwear Jewelry Brands

If you’ve ever been unsure what kind of jewelry goes with laid back street fashion, we’ve put together a list of the best streetwear jewelry brands that’ll take your outfit up a notch.


As the name suggests, Gthic stocks a range of Gothic jewelry inspired by Norse, Celtic, and Pagan mythology, and ancient northern cultures.

Their stainless steel rings are priced at around $50 or less, which makes them both affordable and of good quality.

Their Celtic patterned rings are a great option for men who want a piece of jewelry they want to wear all year round.

Wanting a more rock-n-roll statement piece? Their signet stainless steel rings feature a larger face and will make more of an impact on your style.  


Vitaly stocks a wide range of jewelry but what really stands out to us is the quality of their necklaces.

Perfect for the guy whose style is a bit more modern, Vitaly’s pieces are sleek and on-trend. I could see these pieces easily pairing up with a T-shirt and bomber jacket on a night out. Their stainless steel pieces are well-crafted and shine in a way that will make you and your outfit look effortlessly sharp.


While still modern and edgy, there’s a timelessness to Jaxxon’s necklaces that we love.

Made from stainless steel gold bonded and 14k gold, their Cuban link chains, which sit flat against the chest, are extremely popular.

Chains are an easy way to add a standout piece of jewelry to your outfit. They go with everything from streetwear to suits and sportcoats. On the more casual side, pair them with a black T, black jeans, and a leather jacket, for example, and you won’t have to say a thing. Your outfit will do all the talking for you.


ASOS is a great online shop if you want to get an idea of what’s trending in jewelry right now.

Known for stocking thousands of brands and on-trend pieces, they have a great range at all different price points.

We particularly like their rope and leather bracelets. From mid-tier brands like Tommy Hilfiger to ASOS’ house brand, leather bracelets are completely underrated and at the same time, humbly understated.

Best part about it? You can wear rope and leather bracelets all the time, no matter what outfit you have on.

Oliver Cabell

Want to add a piece to your collection no one else will have? As far as streetwear jewelry brands go, look no further than a pendant from Oliver Cabell.

Their pieces are handcrafted by expert jewelers and use 3-5x more gold than you’d normally find in other gold-plated jewelry pieces. They utilize a proprietary bonding technique, resulting in a powerful bond to the base metal. This means no discoloration or tarnishing, as well as sweat and heat resistance.

Style-wise, Oliver Cabell’s jewelry is modern and sleek, which makes pairing pieces with streetwear looks a no-brainer.


For jewelry that makes more of a statement, GLD has a great range of pieces that will have you drippin like an NBA star.

From earrings to chains, bracelets and rings, one or two pieces from their range is a great way to get those around you to pay attention.

Pair up your bracelet and necklace with a simple crewneck sweatshirt and dark jeans. Or, match the energy of your jewelry and go bright and bold with your outerwear and sneakers. Either way works!

Chrome Hearts

If you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry to invest in, look no further than Chrome Hearts.

While their price points are much higher than other streetwear jewelry brands on our list, there’s a good reason.

Chrome Hearts Jewelry
Prices Vary

While Chrome Hearts doesn't sell jewelry on their website, there are many quality pieces you can find on premium menswear online marketplace, Grailed.

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Their jewelry is highly unique and the quality of materials are worth the investment. Chrome Hearts is the embodiment of rock and roll badass American luxury.

When I think Chrome Hearts, I think leather jackets, black denim, and tough work boots. Their rings and bracelets would go well with this rugged style.

Good Art HLYWD

Good Art HLYWD is another brand bringing a uniquely Angelino bad-ass style to the high-end jewelry market.

Their pendants and rings are perfect for the guy who likes to have a little fun with his style and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Good Art isn’t just jewelry for jewelry’s sake. The owner and creator’s entire purpose is to make art you can wear. So when you browse, I wouldn’t be surprised if you fall in love with a certain piece. And if you do, you’ll have something that’s more like a piece of art you can wear.

Midnight City

Midnight City understands self expression and adventure really well. The brand itself is based on the idea that the city comes alive at night. When you’re out partying and enjoying life, you make memories. Midnight City wants to be a part of that.

For pendants and rings that will have you wanting to channel your inner Miami Vice, you can’t go wrong with a piece from their collection.

They even sell pendants in bundles, which makes choosing necklaces to layer together so much easier. Pair one of their pieces with a bright short-sleeved shirt in the summer to take your look from laid-back to sexy.

Maple Co

Maple Co is a Canada-based jewelry maker creating awesome pieces from brass, silver, gold and precious stones. Some pieces are silver-based and gold filled or dipped.

Interestingly enough, there isn’t much info about their brand, but we love their pieces all the same.

Wear one of their metal bracelets or bold signet rings to elevate your streetwear look. If you want to go all out, they do have a small collection of solid gold pieces as well.

What’s your favorite streetwear jewelry brand?

These shops and brands are our go-tos when recommending jewelry to guys who have that streetwear aesthetic.

If it isn’t obvious, your style gets a major upgrade when you add a few pieces of jewelry. It’s that extra 10% that shows you’re paying attention and care about how you look.

If you’re just starting out and dipping your toe into the streetwear jewelry world, don’t feel overwhelmed. Take one, maybe two pieces and incorporate that into your outfit. You can always add more from there once you’re comfortable.

Do you have a favorite streetwear jewelry brand we didn’t mention here? We know there are plenty. Hit us up on Instagram and let us know.

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