Oliver Cabell: Classic, Minimalist, Easy-To-Wear Men’s Jewelry

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Known for their understated and versatile footwear, Oliver Cabell takes this design philosophy and applies it to their line of jewelry.

All of their pieces are elegant and simple, making them an excellent brand for you jewelry newbies looking to take that first step. 

By avoiding flashy over-the-top pieces, Oliver Cabell makes it easy to find accessories that make you feel like yourself while joining the ranks of your favorite fashion icons.

This brand is a good place to start if you’re not used to wearing jewelry. And of course, if you love wearing jewelry, Oliver Cabell is a great source for interesting, minimalist pieces. 

There’s a lot to like about this brand, so let’s get into it!

A Quick History: Ethical Luxury at Its Best 

Oliver Cabell was founded in 2018 by entrepreneur Scott Gabrielson. The fictional characters Oliver Twist and Martin Cabell inspired the brand’s name. Actors Oliver Reed and Steve McQueen played these characters, who both happened to be style inspirations to Gabrielson.

Gabrielson was inspired to approach fashion more ethically and transparently after seeing objectionable working conditions in an Asian clothing factory. You can also read more about their focus on environmental responsibility here.

They’ve also been incredibly transparent about their product pricing. The Oliver Cabell site showcases specific price breakdowns of their products, from the cost of the materials to the packaging.

And if you are wondering where Oliver Cabell fits in aesthetically, the brand focuses on balanced, versatile luxury streetwear (and accessories).

What We Like About Oliver Cabell’s Jewelry

Avoiding Industry-Standard Mark-Ups 

Oliver Cabell takes pride in getting to know every jeweler, designer, and engineer working on their pieces.

By working directly with top jewelers and zero middlemen, they’re able to bring their accessories to market without the standard eight to 10 times mark-up.

Another reason their jewelry offers such a compelling value proposition? Creative craftsmanship.

Blending Traditional Craftsmanship with Modern Design

Oliver Cabell handcrafts their acceessories in the sought-after Marche region of Italy, using bespoke in-house design.

For example, their gold plated necklaces use three to five times the amount of gold found in standard plating. Using 18-karat gold, they implement a proprietary plating technique, designed to create a non-tarnishing, powerful bond. 

As such, they’re able to offer a necklace like this for around $150. 

Naturally, the brand’s ethical and creative aspirations have made them extremely competitive, even in the higher-end market.

Our Favorite Pieces

Their minimalist jewelry is exceedingly versatile. It’s also pretty satisfying to rock an Oliver Cabell piece when you know the mindfulness that went into making it. 

Here are a few pieces we love!

  1. Oliver Cabell Gold Compass Pendant Necklace

    With its exquisitely-crafted pendant and simple gold chain, this piece strikes an effective balance of strength and refinement. Both the chain and the pendant are handmade from thick 18-karat gold plating with a reinforced lobster ring clasp to keep it in place.

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  2. Oliver Cabell Cameron Cord Bracelet

    This red and gold accessory is a minimal statement piece that can be worn on its own, with a stack of other Cameron Cord bracelets, and even with a gold bracelet or watch. The sturdy cord is waterproof and sweatproof, with an engraved 14-karat gold-plated push closure.

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  3. Oliver Cabell Alan Cuff Bundle

    This cool gold and silver cuff bundle is a good way to level up your outfit without making a huge statement. The individual cuffs are understated and elegant, but the layering adds a quiet distinction.

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  4. Oliver Cabell 2mm Gold Rope Chain

    A classic gold chain is an essential. This 2mm 18-karat gold-plated rope is perfect for anyone who likes to keep a low profile. It can be paired with a plush black tee or a crisp white shirt.

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  5. Oliver Cabell Thin Gold Signet Ring

    A slight twist on the traditional signet ring, the simple aesthetic works as a great entry-level signet, or as a minimalist ring in general. The subtle pop of dimension on the thin body offers just the right amount of intrigue.

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  6. Oliver Cabell Gold Cross Set

    This 18-karat gold-plated cross set comes complete with a Cuban chain and a cross pendant necklace. Both chains hang differently, creating interesting complementary layers. It’s perfect for those occasions when you want something a little more creative, but not too risky.

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  7. Oliver Cabell Gordon Leather Bracelet

    A little more rugged, this laid-back bracelet is made from Italian leather with a loop button that makes it easy to put it on and take it off. Wear it on a picnic, at a festival, or add a touch of style to your next hike.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Oliver Cabell Jewelry

Is Oliver Cabell real gold?

It depends on the item. You’ll know if a piece of jewelry is solid gold or gold plated from just reading their transparent product description.

Where is Oliver Cabell based?

Oliver Cabell is based in Minneapolis, MN, while their products are mostly sourced from Italy and Spain.

Who owns Oliver Cabell?

The brand was founded by Scott Gabrielson. Although he has a finance background, Gabrielson quit his job to follow his dream of creating an ethical luxury streetwear brand.

Oliver Cabell: Creatively Minimalist

Oliver Cabell is a true disruptor, in that millennial, DTC brand type of way. They cut out the middleman. They’ve broken down their costs. They focus on ethical practices and production transparency.

And even if you don’t care about any of that, hey, they make great looking jewelry that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. As a consumer and a guy trying to look cool, that’s what matters most anyway, right? The fact they conduct business well is just a bonus that makes me feel good.

Are you new to wearing jewelry?

If so, and you’re nervous about starting, try a simple bracelet. It’s not that different from wearing a watch and many OC pieces are stylish but easy to wear.

Are you a jewelry aficionado and a fan of the brand? What are some of your favorite pieces?

If you want to know more about Oliver Cabell, or own some of their jewelry, DM or tag us on Instagram with questions, or to show us your style!

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