We Help Men Wear Jewelry Well

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Welcome to Cladright. If you’ve found yourself reading our articles, there’s a good chance you’ve asked yourself questions like:

  • Is it OK for guys to wear rings?
  • How do men wear chains?
  • Should guys wear gold or silver?
  • How do men accessorize?
  • SHOULD we even accessorize?

These are the kinds of questions we set out to answer here at Cladright.

We teach guys how to buy, wear, and style great men’s jewelry and accessories.

There isn’t a straight-forward, no nonsense guide to wearing jewelry and accessories made specifically for men, so we decided to create one.

We’d never want you to think, “Oh, I don’t think I could pull that off.”

So if you wonder about the details that aren’t covered in depth elsewhere, like:

  • The right way to wear a chain,
  • How many rings to wear on one hand
  • Where you should clip your tie bar
  • or if all your metals need to match

…we’ll help you out.

Got a question you need answered, or want us to cover a certain men’s jewelry or accessories topic in depth? Send us an email.

Meet The Cladright Team

Barron Cuadro

Founding Editor, Cladright

Over the years, Barron’s appreciation of all things menswear naturally extended to men’s jewelry. This inspired him to launch Cladright, a site that shows guys how to wear jewelry well. He imagined a resource filled with how-to articles, buying guides, brand and product reviews, and jewelry basics that he had to learn on his own through experimentation. He considers himself an enthusiast, not an expert, and is a sucker for a signet pinky ring with turquoise stone. See all his articles →
profile photo of karlton miko tyack

Karlton Miko Tyack

Contributor & Editor

Specializing in watches here at Cladright, Karlton is also a client representative at Sotheby’s Auction House in New York, specifically for collectors of watches, art, and fine wine and whiskey. See all his articles →
profile photo of brian adee

Brian Adee


Brian’s range of expertise spans the wide gamut of men’s interest, from watches to cocktails to EDC (everyday carry). He learned all he knows about style and substance from working with old-timers in craft cocktail bars in New Orleans, Chicago, and Portland, Oregon. See all his articles →
profile photo of caitlin mroz

Caitlin Mroz


Caitlin is a writer and social impact professional who approaches everything with curiosity, empathy, and charm. A lover of style and a champion of pretty things, she is always searching for how to make the world a little bit better. See all her articles →
profile photo of andrew scott

Andrew Scott


Andrew is a writer from England currently living in Spain. He has an almost unhealthy passion for watches that’ll probably be his downfall someday but, until then, he’ll just keep writing. See all his articles →