14 Cool Cross Necklaces for Guys, from Simply Classic to Punk Badass

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The iconography of the cross is a rich well of inspiration for designers and artists of all stripes, especially in the realm of jewelry. You can adorn a cross as a symbol of faith or to show off your punk-rock credentials. When it comes to the cross in men’s jewelry, it is also just plain cool. 

Men’s cross necklaces come in styles as vast as the meanings that symbol has come to contain. Maybe it’s just a necklace to you, maybe it is something more. However you rock it, the right cross necklace is destined to add something sublime to your style. 

Photos by Bruno Felix
  1. Thomas Sabo Pendant Cross

    This sterling silver cross is as full of opulent detail as a medieval church. Featuring black zirconia pavé stones, blackened and polished silver, and a crown tossed around the center of the cross — this pendant was made to leave an impression. Pair it with a silver chain and rock it with your favorite t-shirt for a moment of nonchalant excellence. 

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  2. Vintage Cross Pendant

    When wearing a symbol that has so much history attached to it already, why not seek out a piece of jewelry that has its own story to tell? This one-of-a-kind vintage cross pendant is an intricately adorned instant heirloom. This treasure is just one of many from Worn-Over-Time’s collection of vintage crosses that will have you saying “oh my God I need that!”

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  3. Gold Cross Necklace and Figaro Chain

    Truly a necklace you can wear everyday, for this gold cross the devil is in the details. The classic design sets itself apart with pointed arrows on the pendant and the choice to pair it with an elegant figaro chain. Wear this necklace with everything to instantly upgrade your mood, and your look. 

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  4. Nialaya Gold Rosary Necklace

    This gold rosary necklace with black agate stone detailing has a little bit of religion and a whole lot of swagger — a divine choice for Catholics, lapsed Catholics, and men of style alike. This necklace is longer than your usual chain so you can play with layering it alongside another chain, or have fun accessorizing it with bracelets and rings. 

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  5. Degs & Sal Sterling Silver Cross

    A versatile sterling silver cross and box chain, this necklace is anything but basic. The ribbed design of the cross itself and darkened silver accents turn this classic into something really special. You will love the masculine, wearable, and substantial feel of this necklace. It can be dressed up or down and fit seamlessly into any man’s wardrobe. 

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  6. Buck Palmer Double Cross Necklace

    For a rustic, western-inspired feel look no further than this copper cross necklace. Not one, but two hammered crosses with contrasting silver and copper are linked horizontally into this chain. Designed to be worn slightly askew on your chest, this necklace cannot help but look cool (and hopefully, when wearing it, you will too). 

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  7. Jaxxon The Covenant Pendant and Chain

    Keep it clean and modern with a gold cross pendant and cable chain. The use of negative space and the precision cut beveled edges are the kind of architectural details that will keep you loving this piece day-after-day. Perfect for layering with your other favorite chains or to give as a gift to that special man in your life.  

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  8. Midnight City Minimal Silver Cross

    Sometimes the coolest things are the simplest. A clean white tee, say, or this beautiful silver cross (which, incidentally, would look great with a white tee). Wear this cross and chain anytime and with anything. Whatever your style, this minimal cross will elevate it.

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  9. Gthic Cross Skull Pendant Necklace

    Constructed from affordable stainless steel and designed to look vintage, this unique skull and crossbones style pendant is for those with a bit of a rebellious streak. This necklace is confident, playful, and solidly crafted. As a bonus, you don’t even have to worry about this treasure tarnishing because a little wear only adds to its character. 

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  10. Chrome World Mapplethorpe Pendant and Ball Chain

    Robert Mapplethorpe is an artist well known for subversive imagery and a bold, graphic aesthetic that is encapsulated in this collaboration with Chrome Hearts. Both entirely of-the-moment and eternally cool, this heavyweight stainless steel cross and ball-chain necklace is a stunner. It features an “X” around the cross and darkened silver accents for compelling contrast. 

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  11. David Yurman Black Diamond Cross Necklace

    The allure of diamonds is truly immortal, and this necklace is an ideal example of how to make fresh use of them in men’s jewelry. A black diamond encrusted cross lays horizontally in this sterling silver box chain. The fact that this necklace wears just like a chain makes it comfortable to wear and gives your look an easy polish — it is understated luxury at its best. 

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  12. Good Art HLYWD's Jimmy Cross

    One of the most exciting things about designs that pull from Christian imagery is the opportunity for intricate, exquisite details. This craftsmanship and care put into this handmade sterling silver pendant is obvious at first glance. It lays flat on the chest and centers the image of a beatific Virgin Mary, bringing a bit of the divine feminine to this masculine piece of jewelry. Pair this pendant with any number of chains depending on your preference.

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  13. Luis Morais Greek Cross Beaded Necklace

    A greek cross, where all four arms are of equal length, is a refreshing alternative to the traditional Latin cross we see most often. This gold version hanging from a strand of turquoise beads captures the ease of a Meditteranean vacation. Add a pop of color to your casual weekend fit, unbutton your linen shirt to show it off on a hot day, or layer this necklace alongside your favorite gold chain in the evening.

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  14. GLD Micro Celtic Cross

    Great things can come in small packages, and that is never more true than in the realm of jewelry. Take this small celtic style cross as a prime example. Put this white gold and sparkling stone pendant on an 18 inch chain on to feel blessed by your own good taste. 

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Cross necklaces can be what you make of them

Whether you’re using your cross necklace as a fashion choice, or a religious statement; there’s one with your name on it!

Out of our list, which cross is your favorite? Let us know!

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