12 Popular Bracelets for Guys To Wear Every Day

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Bracelets are one of the easiest pieces of jewelry for guys to start wearing today. They’re easier to find a great fit for than rings, and pair with more outfits than necklaces. Maybe that’s why popular bracelets for guys sell so well?

We really dig bracelets here at Cladright for their ability to add a stylish touch to just about any outfit. So we collected the coolest and most unique bracelets from across the web for this list.

In it, you’ll find options that fit your style and your budget. Pick out one or find a few that suit your tastes — because bracelets can look great when they’re stacked, too!

Our Bracelet Picks

  1. Mejuri Sterling Silver Engravable ID Bracelet
  2. Mejuri Sterling Silver Engravable ID Bracelet

    Let’s start with the classic: A chunky chain bracelet that you can personalize. Mejuri’s engravable ID bracelet is an upscale version of the traditional identification bracelet, made with a sterling silver alloy. Plating it with rhodium gives this bracelet extra shine and durability, ensuring that your bracelet will look great no matter how often you wear it.

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  3. Miansai Type Chain Bracelet
  4. Miansai Type Chain Bracelet

    Miansai’s take on the engraved bracelet is an eye-catching one, using gold plating and small letter beads to great effect. We particularly like the thin chain, as it accentuates the personalized letters that you choose. And if the letter beads aren’t your cup of tea, you can go for a more minimalist Cuban chain bracelet in the same style.

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  5. Oliver Cabell Silver Alan Cuff
  6. Oliver Cabell Silver Alan Cuff

    The Alan Cuff from Oliver Cabell is a perfect choice for jewelry minimalists. It’s made from sterling silver and simply adorned with the designer’s name on the bottom edge. You can honestly wear this with just about anything! Its understated elegance pairs well with casual and dressy outfits alike.

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  7. Myl Berlin Black Armreif Bracelet
  8. Myl Berlin Black Armreif Bracelet

    Myl Berlin’s simple stainless steel cuffs in three colors can be stacked and paired to your heart’s content. Best of all, they’re bendable and flexible — meaning you can customize your fit without fear of damaging your bracelets. We recommend wearing these bracelets to add a touch of style to your everyday outfits.

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  9. Mejuri Black Onyx Beaded Bracelet
  10. Mejuri Black Onyx Beaded Bracelet

    Lots of beaded bracelets are strung on a thin rope cord, leaving them prone to breaking at any moment. That’s why we were stoked to find Mejuri’s Onyx beaded bracelet — it has a stainless steel chain at its core, and a sterling silver clasp to boot! This bracelet is great for adding texture and shape to an outfit, and looks amazing worn with button-down with rolled up sleeves.

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  11. Oliver Cabell Cameron Cord Bracelets
  12. Oliver Cabell Cameron Cord Bracelets

    With jewelry for guys, sometimes less is more. Case in point: Oliver Cabell’s Cameron cord bracelets. These small and colorful bracelets are capped with gold-plated toggles, and look great worn solo or layered. The 3-pack is an awesome deal, and it’ll give you plenty of options to match whatever colors you want to feature in your outfits.

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  13. N’Damus London Slim Leather Bracelet
  14. N’Damus London Slim Leather Bracelet

    The wrap-around design of N’Damus London’s slim leather bracelet makes it a noteworthy take on the classic leather bracelet. It wears extremely comfortably, and is perfect for guys with sensitive skin. And since the stainless steel clasp is easy to open and close, you can customize your fit at a moment’s notice. It looks awesome layered with other slim bracelets, too!

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  15. Cacao Brown Skye Silver & Braided Leather Bracelet
  16. Cacao Brown Skye Silver & Braided Leather Bracelet

    Thick and chunky leather braiding makes Anchor & Crew’s bracelet a real stand-out. Paired with a rustic oxidized silver clasp, it adds a pleasant weight to any wardrobe. Thanks to the soft full-grain leather, this bracelet can easily become your go-to daily accessory. It doesn’t have any room for adjustments though, so be sure and measure your wrist to find the right size for you!

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  17. Tissuville Tobacco Brown Gold & Leather Stark Bracelet
  18. Tissuville Tobacco Brown Gold & Leather Stark Bracelet

    Tissuville’s large, double-wrapped, braided leather bracelet is as noticeable as bracelets get! And that’s even before it’s pulled together with a bright gold clasp. If you’re looking for a bracelet that can be a main feature in your outfits, the Stark bracelet should be at the top of your list. It’s designed to be wrapped twice around your wrist for a comfortable fit, so check out their sizing guide to get the right length for you.

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  19. Panareha Teahupo’o Leather Bracelet
  20. Panareha Teahupo’o Leather Bracelet

    Lots of popular bracelets for guys tend towards the industrial or rock star looks — but then you have bracelets like Panareha’s Teahupo’o. It’s a delightfully rustic bracelet, with a soft natural leather complemented by sky blue wrap cording. Anchored by a simple stainless steel closure, it’s an excellent choice for anyone whose wardrobe features a lot of softer colors and pastels.

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  21. Harbour UK Chunky Ecru Waxed Rope Bracelet
  22. Harbour UK Chunky Ecru Waxed Rope Bracelet

    Natural rope bracelets can give a totally different vibe to your outfits than heavy metal or leather pieces. Harbour UK’s chunky waxed rope bracelet does an awesome job of this, lending a nautical air to your style. Stick with the natural ecru color if you want to match the greatest variety of outfits, or grab their red or green dyed rope bracelets to create a pleasant contrast.

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  23. Anchor & Crew Classic Grey Charles Silver Rope Skinny Bracelet
  24. Anchor & Crew Classic Grey Charles Silver Rope Skinny Bracelet

    Anchor & Crew’s skinny rope bracelet is thin, simple, and understated, making it an excellent pairing with slim-fit shirts and minimalist outfits. Don’t let the size of the rope fool you though — it’s made of marine grade polyester and nylon, and built to last. The same goes for the real sterling silver clasp, making this bracelet a surprisingly cool addition to your jewelry box.

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Which Popular Bracelet Is Your Favorite?

That covers it for our take on the best popular bracelets for guys!

Are you more of a thin bracelet guy, or do you prefer a thick and chunky statement piece? Either way, you’re in good hands with any of the choices listed above.

Did you have a favorite bracelet from this list that caught your eye? Let us know by hitting us up on Instagram!

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