The Coolest Men’s Necklaces: 10 Awesome Options

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Necklaces can be one of the toughest pieces of jewelry for guys to match with their outfits — but with this guide to the coolest men’s necklaces around, you’ll find it easy to choose the perfect necklace for your style.

The Cladright team loves the variety of necklace styles that you can find, from simple chains to chunky beads to eye-catching pendants.

In the jewelry pieces that follow, you’ll find every one of those styles represented, with options for a wide range of budgets.

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The Coolest Necklaces for Men

Let’s dive right in! Here are our picks for the coolest necklaces for men:

  1. Florence London Silver Initial Tag in White Enamel

    True dog tag necklaces might be a little passe, but the idea is still strong. Case in point: Florence London’s silver-lined, white enamel tag necklace. When you order you’ll be able to specify your initials, making this necklace a real compliment magnet. And if white enamel isn’t your style, switch it up to a black enamel back instead. Either way, the minimalist style will stand out without being too flashy.

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  2. Tissuville Black Agate Bead Necklace

    Modeled after traditional prayer beads, Tissuville’s black agate bead necklace is a real standout laid over any pastel shirt. The heavy T at the bottom adds a punctuation mark to the style, and helps it to lay straight down while you’re wearing it. Being a 70-centimeter necklace, it’s probably longer than you’re used to — making it great for casual, laid-back styles.

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  3. Miansai “Test of Time” Cable Chain Necklace

    Made of sterling silver and gold vermeil, Miansai’s necklace trades quantity for quality. It’s design features the ancient Claddagh symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship — a cool little detail that you can share whenever someone inevitably asks about this eye-catching piece. It’s on a 24-inch square link chain, making it straddle the line between dressy and casual.

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  4. Pyrrha Latin Pendant Necklace

    For a different take on the theme of loyalty and friendship, check out Pyrrha’s Latin pendant necklace. It features a hand-hammered depiction of a dog, as well as the words “to be, rather than to seem” in Latin. A small pendant that’s mounted on a thin chain, it’s an understated necklace that will really appeal to guys who wear a lot of dark tones in their outfits.

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  5. Edge Only Gold Mixtape Pendant Necklace

    So far, a lot of the necklaces we’ve looked at have been fairly restrained. The exact opposite is true of Edge Only’s Gold Mixtape pendant! Looking exactly like a 90s-era compact cassette tape, it’s a sterling silver necklace that’s completely plated (including the chain) in 18-carat gold. We love how the A-side is blank, but the B-side is a “party mixtape” — so you can wear this necklace two ways, depending on your mood and attitude.

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  6. David Yurman Deco Ingot Pendant Necklace

    Sometimes you just need a big, bold, and chunky statement piece for your outfit. If you’re going with neutral tones or the black t-shirt and light jeans combo, David Yurman’s Ingot pendant necklace will be right up your alley. The whole necklace is made of sterling silver, and the oversized pendant is mounted on a thin cylindrical chain that further emphasizes its size and presence.

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  7. True Rocks Grey and Silver Mini Pill

    We’re partial to the laid-back vibes of the Grey and Silver color for this conversation starter necklace, but you can go for a big variety of colors including gold, turquoise, red, neon pink, and neon green. The little pill is hung on a thin stainless steel chain that just seems to invite people to get closer and check it out. If you still have a bit of partier in you, it’s a surprisingly cool statement piece.

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  8. David Yurman Black Onyx Stone Tag

    This is, without a doubt, our favorite take on the old-school dog tag look. Rather than reinventing the wheel, David Yurman just took the entire dog shape and made it out of black onyx stone. The result is a jet-black tag that’s almost reflective, with a silver lining that further emphasizes its striking blackness. Keep in mind that you’re only ordering the tag for this one though, so be sure and get a chain that will fit with it.

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  9. True Rocks Silver and Gold Plated Mini 8 Ball Necklace

    It might not be able to tell your fortune, but this necklace doesn’t even need to — because when you wear it, you’ll know that effortless style is in your future. The sterling silver and gold 8-ball pendant is playful and immediately noticeable and looks great paired with almost any color of outfit. The sterling silver adjustable fine chain is a nice touch, too.

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Wrapping Up: The Coolest Men’s Necklaces Are the Ones You Like Best

At the end of the day, the coolest men’s necklaces are a matter of personal preference. The more you look at, try on, and wear necklaces with your outfits, the better sense you’ll get of what you think is truly cool — and what you can pass on.

Do you wear necklaces regularly? Are you trying to find cool ways to wear them with what you have in your wardrobe? DM us on Instagram and let us know.

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