11 Awesome Insignia Rings for Men

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Insignia rings, also known as signet rings, come from royal roots. Traditional insignia rings for men were decorated with a family or royal crest, and used to create unique wax seals on letters. 

While that use has largely been left behind, insignia rings are as popular today as ever! They’re available in a huge range of designs, giving you the opportunity to represent your personality however you want.

We’ve collected some of the coolest and most unique insignia rings for men together into this one handy guide. If you’re thinking about adding a signet ring to your jewelry collection, you’ll definitely find a good choice below — so let’s get started!

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Our favorite insignia rings we’ve found so far

The selection of insignia rings (or signet rings) is endless. We rounded up a handful of our favorites, but we’ll continue to keep an eye on what’s out there and update this list regularly.

For now, enjoy these pieces!

  1. Snake Bones Griffin Signet Ring

    Sure, signet rings can say something serious about you — but they can also just be fun and cool! Snake Bones’ animal series of signet rings is definitely in the latter category. Choose from a griffin, scorpion, lion, octopus, owl, horse, and more to personalize your style. No matter which animal you prefer, these rings will add a rock star cool vibe to your latest outfits.

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  2. Gthic Eagle Globe and Anchor Sterling Silver Ring

    Sporting the official insignia of the United States Marine Corps, Gthic’s Eagle Globe and Anchor ring is a strongly masculine piece of jewelry. Whether you’re a USMC fan or former service member, this sterling silver ring is a great pick. It’s available in a full range of sizes, too, so it will always be a comfortable fit. Every ring is made to order, so keep in mind that it will take about a month to get to you.

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  3. Nordstrom Classic Signet Ring

    Simple yet striking, Nordstrom’s Classic men’s signet ring is just begging to have a custom engraving. The faux gold plating is given a high shine polish, but won’t take a big bite out of your wallet. If gold bling isn’t your style, it’s available in silver, too. Highly recommended for first time wearers of signet rings.

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  4. David Yurman Deco Black Onyx Signet Ring

    Made of sterling silver with an attention-grabbing black onyx inlay, David Yurman’s signet ring is a real compliment magnet. It looks fantastic with any dressier outfit you might want to wear, from a button-down and chinos all the way to formal attire. It only comes in one size, though — so make sure you can wear a size 9 ring on one of your fingers before getting your heart set on this piece.

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  5. Kaizarin Signet Ring in Sterling Silver

    Signet rings have a strong connection to personal identity. Kaizarin’s sterling silver signet ring carries this forward into the present day by giving you the opportunity to engrave your own initials into a simple and straightforward ring. It’s a fantastic ring to give as a gift, or to mark a turning point in life like graduating school or starting a new career.

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  6. John Hardy Chain Signet Ring

    Taking a totally different approach to the classic insignia ring design, John Hardy emblazons this piece with diagonal lines of hand-carved chains. Crafted from sterling silver, it works well with both classy and casual outfits. It’s a real attention grabber, so try and limit how much other jewelry you’re wearing with it.

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  7. Diesel Labradorite Stone Signet Ring

    One big piece of semi-precious labradorite stone is at the center of this stainless steel Diesel signet ring. It’s a beautiful stone that will reflect every color of the rainbow if you get it in the right light. Paired with the toned-down steel ring, labradorite creates an eye-catching piece that makes a great conversation starter.

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  8. Bernard James Jimmy Textured Sterling Silver Signet Ring

    Bernard James’ take on the signet ring is all about contrast. Made entirely of sterling silver, this ring alternates between highly polished raised areas and nearly black troughs. It’s one of the most unique insignia rings that you’ll find, making it a great choice for someone who wants a strong statement piece. 

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  9. David Yurman Carbon Signet Ring

    This incredibly unique signet ring falls somewhere between coal and a diamond. Made of forged carbon, it takes a high polish while remaining jet black. You won’t see the sterling silver inside of the ring while you’re wearing it, but it makes this diamond in the rough quite comfortable to wear. If you’re looking for a ring that’s as one of a kind as you are, this forged carbon signet ring is a perfect choice.

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  10. International Concepts Gunmetal Tone Signet Ring

    Let’s start simple and affordable. Created exclusively for Macy’s, INC International Concepts’ signet ring is a blacked-out gunmetal ring that will appeal to minimalists. It’s about as simple as an insignia ring can get, making it a great option for anyone who’s new to wearing this type of ring. We think it looks best paired with casual outfits, like a fresh black t-shirt and a pair of light wash jeans.

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  11. Stavros Cross Signet Ring

    The cross has made its way into every piece of jewelry imaginable, from cross necklaces to signet rings and cufflinks. Konstantino’s Stavros Cross signet ring is a great example of the style. Inspired by ancient Byzantine art and architecture, it projects an aura of intrigue and confidence. It’s made of real sterling silver and gold, too, giving it a true luxury feel.

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Parting Thoughts: Choosing the Best Insignia Rings for Men

Signet rings can be as personalized as you want them to be, or work as a neutral accent piece for your outfits. No matter how bold you want your style to be, there’s an insignia ring to go along with it.

Which of the insignia rings above do you like best? What sort of outfits do you want to wear your signet rings with? Give us a shout-out on Instagram with your thoughts on insignia rings!

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