Introducing Mejuri Men: A New Men’s Jewelry Collection (Classic, Everyday Fine Jewelry For Guys)

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Sticking to their “fine jewelry for every day” mantra, Mejuri Men has recently launched, expanding the brand to the benefit of guys everywhere. In this article, we’re exploring Mejuri’s new jewelry collection for men.

Never heard of Mejuri? Well, there’s a good chance your wife, girlfriend, or a female friend in your life knows them well.

Founded in 2013, this relatively new-to-the-scene jewelry brand has made a name for itself quickly, delivering fine jewelry with a more relaxed, “wear it every day” type of aesthetic.

Even more recently, the brand has expanded into the world of men’s jewelry with a small but growing collection of classic, easy-to-wear pieces. Currently, Mejuri’s offerings include necklaces, signet rings, bracelets, even wedding bands.

asian man wearing bracelet and necklace from mejuri in green jacket and white shirt and pants
photo via Mejuri

What does luxury and everyday jewelry mean to Mejuri? First and foremost, it means high quality materials and craftsmanship.

Their men’s jewelry line utilizes 14k gold, sterling silver, rhodium, and titanium, as well as other durable stones and metals to craft pieces that last. Aside from using materials that respond well to heavy wear, Mejuri’s jewelry is also designed to be worn for years.

Mejuri Men's Jewelry
Starting at $60

In true Mejuri fashion, their Men’s collection was designed for everyday wear. They have a nicely curated selection available, from rings and bracelets, to necklaces and pendants.

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Throughout their collection, you will find modern touches on menswear classics made to outlast trends.

We pulled together some of our favorite pieces from Mejuri’s men’s jewelry collection. These highlight the range of what they have to offer and strike the right balance of timeless design, accessible pricing, and wearability. 

Mejuri Round Box Chain Necklace

You really cannot go wrong with the price point or look of this slim gold men’s chain. In our guide to men’s necklace chains we highlighted the box chain as a sturdy and versatile classic, and this version by Mejuri is exactly that.

Mejuri Box Chain Necklace

Not too bold, not too narrow, this chain was made to be worn. Handcrafted in 14k solid yellow gold, featuring Mejuri's signature Men’s Edition black enamel line.

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This 2mm chain is twenty-two inches long, a length that can really do anything. It can be worn solo, tucked under or worn over your shirt, paired with other necklaces of varying lengths and weights, or used to hang your favorite gold pendant. 

Crafted in 14k solid gold, this men’s chain is not going to be the cheapest you will find in the market, but for solid gold, it is a really reasonable price.

This chain will last you forever, will never tarnish, can be worn in the shower, the pool, or wherever you are trying to flash a little shine. 

The Men’s Ribbed Cuff from Mejuri

Sometimes, the most frustrating thing about jewelry is trying to put it on when you’re in a hurry to leave!

In comes the cuff bracelet.

Mejuri Ribbed Cuff

Handcrafted in sterling silver with a matte grey finish, featuring Mejuri's signature Men’s Edition black enamel line.

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This ribbed cuff by Mejuri adds some style to your day without the frustration of fiddling with a clasp. 

The oxidized detailing on this sterling silver cuff is a rustic yet refined design. Mejuri plated this cuff in rhodium, making it extra durable and ensuring a long-lasting shine.

Mejuri Black Onyx Square Signet Ring

Signet rings are one of the most common entry points for men getting into jewelry, and this 14k gold piece from Mejuri is certainly an excellent place to start.

The centerpiece of this signet ring is a square black onyx stone framed by cascading ribbing, adding a subtle texture to this minimal ring. 

Mejuri Black Onyx Square Signet Ring

Black and gold—a natural fit. Handcrafted in 14k solid yellow gold and black onyx, featuring Mejuri's signature Men’s Edition black enamel line.

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Black and gold is an eternally stylish combo you can wear with almost anything. The best part? Since it’s solid gold, you can keep it on all the time without worrying about damaging or tarnishing it. 

Mejuri makes this signet ring in a range of sizes, so you can wear it on any finger you like. 

Most modern men wear it on their pinky finger, but really, whichever finger you prefer can work. It’ll become an everyday favorite however you choose to wear it. 

closeup of man wearing chain necklaces of different thicknesses

Rectangular Ribbed Pendant from Mejuri

A minimal pendant necklace is a favorite choice for men who want to try out a piece of jewelry or grab a quick accessory to add to your outfit. 

Mejuri Rectangular Ribbed Pendant Necklace

We dig the looks of this long, vertical pendant necklace to accentuate the fit of your favorite shirts. It’s made of oxidized sterling silver, and has vertical ribbing to further amplify the effect of lengthening your torso. It’s not as much of a stunner as brighter necklaces, but that makes it a great way to get conversations started with observant strangers.

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This rectangular pendant has a ribbed design made of oxidized sterling silver, giving off a stripe effect in dark grey and matte silver. The accompanying sterling silver chain is 24 inches long, draping down to the middle of your chest. 

Sterling silver goes with anything and will last you a long time if you take care of it properly. Good thing, too, as you’ll find yourself turning to this effortless accessory time and again.

Mejuri Titanium Curb Bracelet

Looking for a piece that’s easy to start with? Go with this cuban link (or curb link) bracelet; this style is a menswear staple. You’ll love the feel of this lightweight (yet extremely durable) chain on your wrist and the subtle statement it will make to those admiring it.

Mejuri Titanium Curb Bracelet

An update to a classic made for every day (and every one). Style it solo or double up, either way it's a statement maker.

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This bracelet looks amazing paired with a watch or another bracelet. It easily matches your other silver jewelry pieces, and goes well with something as casual as a T-shirt, or formal, like a suit jacket. 

The Curb bracelet is made of titanium, one of the most abundant metals in existence.

Titanium is a great metal for men’s jewelry. It has the look of silver but does not tarnish. It’s extremely durable, lightweight, hypoallergenic, and corrosion-resistant — it looks damn good too. 

See something you like from the Mejuri Men’s Collection?

Whether you are looking to invest in some staple jewelry items for your collection, or want to add layer into your everyday style, Mejuri has something for you.

In the world of men’s jewelry, this brand is just getting started, and we think these are some great items to get you started with as well. Continue to follow them for high-quality jewelry with a modern aesthetic.

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