Boxing Glove Charms for Necklaces: 10 Awesome Versions You Can Buy Today 

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Boxing glove charms are a nice gift for a man who loves the sport of boxing, or simply appreciates what boxing gloves can symbolize.

In the sport itself, there’s a Silver Gloves title for adolescent boxers. And the Golden Gloves title is a coveted award for amateur boxers. Both are prestigious awards an aspiring fighter may strive for.

In the 50s, an unknown up-and-coming boxer known as Cassius Clay won a myriad of Golden Gloves titles at the state and national level before starting his professional boxing career.

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What Boxing Gloves Can Symbolize

You don’t have to be an aspiring boxer to appreciate the symbolism of a pair of boxing gloves. Clearly, boxing gloves can hold plenty of meaning if you dream of being a fighter.

But it can also symbolize strength, determination, and a will to fight in life.

Gloves, like anything connected to the human hand, are associated with strength, skill and power. The hands, after all, are what separates Man from animal.

Boxing gloves further symbolize strength and power tempered with protection. There is a sense of honor and sportsmanship connected to the boxing glove. Boxing gloves are strength and power fettered just enough to become useful and not destructive.

A Few Great Boxing Glove Charms We Found

Whatever symbolization and meaning you identify with when it comes to boxing gloves, we wanted to round up a few boxing glove charms you can wear around your neck.

Here are some of the nicer pendants and necklaces out there. See which one works best for you!

  1. Rembrandt Charms Boxing Glove Charm

    If you're looking for a boxing glove charm on the smaller side, this would be a good bet. It's available in sterling silver, white gold, and yellow gold-plated silver.

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    02/18/2024 08:44 am GMT
  2. Glaze Jewelry Gold Vermeil Boxing Glove Pendant

    A smoother rendition of a boxing glove fashioned from lustrous yellow gold vermeil over sterling silver.

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  3. Scream Pretty Gold Boxing Glove Necklace

    This boxing glove charm is perfect if you're looking for something smaller and more intricate. It's available in 18k gold-plated silver or sterling silver. The solid circle links makes for a unique looking chain, as well.

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  4. Mr. Ettika Ox Chain Necklace with Boxing Glove Charm

    If you want a boxing glove charm that's strong and solid, but not too flashy. this piece from Mr. Ettika is a slightly smaller size and made from oxidized silver-plated zinc and steel. The ox chain makes for a striking effect.

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  5. KMASAL Iced Out Boxing Glove Pendant

    Looking for a more flashy boxing glove charm, but lack deep Mayweather pockets? This piece from Kmasal is iced out with 500 cubic zirconia stones, and you have your choice of base metal, from 18K gold, rose gold, and silver.

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    02/18/2024 03:59 pm GMT
  6. Jonas Studio Flatiron Boxing Glove Necklace

    This sterling silver charm from Jonas Studio is molded with all the detail of a sharply creased and well-worn boxing glove. "CONVICTION" is engraved on the top hand padding, serving as a nice reminder to give it your all, at all times.  

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  7. Jewelry Talisman .925 Sterling Silver Boxing Glove Pendant

    You'll love the detailing on this handmade silver pendant. You can count every lace on the inner wrist and the glove is polished to a mirror finish. You also have the option for custom engraving.

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  8. Esty Jewelry 10k Yellow Gold Boxing Glove Pendant

    This pendant is made from 10.2 grams of 10k yellow gold and packs a shiny, visual punch. Exquisite, but by no means ostentatious.

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  9. BronzeageShop Boxing Glove Pendant

    If you like a worn-in, antiqued look, this glove pendant handcrafted from bronze metal is right up your alley.

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  10. Kay Jewelers Boxing Glove Charm in 14k Gold

    A 14k gold pendant depicting a pair of boxing gloves tied together, palms facing up. The perfect symbol for a man who worked hard to fight for what he wanted.

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A Fun Aside: Rocky’s Boxing Glove Pendant

In Rocky V, Rocky visits his old training gym, now covered in dust from disuse.

He picks up a dusty glove that must’ve been laying on the floor for years, puts it on, and thinks of Mickey, the man who trained him for his first fight. Rocky remembers Mickey telling him how people just curl up and die when they have nothing to live for.

Mickey gave Rocky his most treasured keepsake as a present.

“Dis is the favorite ‘ting I have on dis earth,” Mickey says, undoing a necklace with a boxing glove charm on it.

He tells Rocky that the charm was once a cufflink that belonged to another Rocky, Rocky Marciano. Rocky Balboa later gives that same necklace to his son.

Here, the necklace represents determination, drive and paternal love. Mickey compares the glove charm to a little angel that tells a boxer to get back up when he falls down, and do it for someone who loves him. 

Sylvester Stallone, the actor who played Rocky, got the cufflink used in the movie from Joey Bishop, who actually got it from the real life Rocky Marciano. Stallone wore it in the movies and in real life.

The pendant along with other Rocky memorabilia was auctioned off in 2015. Tarnished as it was, it netted $25,000 at Heritage Auctions. 

Which boxing glove charm is your fave?

A boxing glove charm isn’t just for guys who love the sport of boxing. Boxing gloves can represent the strength and determination needed to fight both in the ring and out. And stylistically, it just looks cool!

Do you have a favorite boxing glove charm we recommended above? Let us know on Instagram.

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