Style Tip: How to Wear Multiple Rings on One Hand

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Personally, when it comes to jewelry, I ascribe to a more is more philosophy. Something about the way pieces of jewelry play off and complement one another begs for them to be paired together. It is fun to see how quickly you can express your personality and curate a personal style as you begin to layer your jewelry.

Wearing multiple rings is a stylish way to make a unique statement. If you are interested in adding some new rings to your collection or are trying to pair current items together in the most attractive way, there are some tips to help you successfully pull off the ring look. 

Can I wear two rings on one hand?

If you have two rings you love and think go well together you can wear them on both hands, or choose to wear both of them, on one hand, depending on your preference. If you want to wear both rings on one hand you should make sure they are on two different fingers and that they go well together.

When pairing rings a good tip is to have one that is chunkier or more of a statement. We recommend one maybe featuring a stone, and one that is more understated. 

How many rings should you wear on one hand?

It is generally not recommended that men wear more than two or three rings on one hand, assuming you are wearing them all on different fingers. More than that and it becomes more costume than couture. You can play around with stacking rings on one finger, layering a thin metal band with a diamond band for example. 

Alternately, you can space your rings out across your hand for balance. Try a signet ring on your pinky paired with a chunky band on your index finger. If you are married many men like to keep their left hand for their wedding band only and have some fun with the right. 

How do you style multiple rings?

There is an art to wearing multiple rings in a tasteful way. You don’t necessarily have to go out and buy all new jewelry in order to get the look either. Take a look at what you already have to see if they can be paired together.

You can’t lose by wearing rings in the same shade of metal! You can also try pairing complementary tones like yellow gold and rose gold. 

One of the keys to styling multiple rings is contrast in texture, width, and type of ring. If one of your rings features a crest or elaborate design, wear it with a more minimal band for balance. For stacking rings on the same finger follow the rule of wide paired with thin, or textured paired with smooth.

Play with texture, like a trendy chain metal style worn alongside a traditional signet. Similarly, if you have a ring featuring a stone (or stones) let it shine by wearing it with solid metals.

Not sure what fingers to wear them on? We suggest putting them on multiple fingers, or you can wear up to two rings on one. For men’s rings, any finger will do, really. However, popular pairings are your ring and pinky, middle and pointer, or to leave some gaps in between. 

Wrapping Up

Wearing multiple rings is all about self-expression and building a unique, and personal look. We all use our hands to get points across and express ourselves, so it is natural that the rings you wear will make a statement about your own personal style.

So be playful with it and make it your own. Armed with some of these basic styling rules and you should have no worries about wearing more turning into wearing too-much. 

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