Is Your Ring Too Big? Here’s How To Make It Fit (8 Methods)

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Let’s say you’ve got a ring. It’s just your style and you’re dying to wear it, but it’s way too big. Well, people get ring sizes wrong all the time. But fortunately for you, there are ways to get them to fit.

Here are a few techniques on how to wear a ring that is too big.

Whether your ring keeps spinning or falling off your finger, we’ve got eight options you can explore.

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Ring Guards

This is an affordable way to help keep your ring secured. Ring guards are hardly noticeable, they come in a number of sizes, and you can find them at some department stores (and of course, Amazon).

These are made from rubber so you know they’re comfortable and will tightly squeeze your ring so that it stops wiggling.

The Rubber Band Wrap

Want to explore a few DIY options? Try the rubber band solution. All you have to do is get a tiny, transparent rubber band that will go under the ring.

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The thickness of the clear rubber band will make up for the space between the ring and your finger. Make sure the rubber band isn’t too tight of a squeeze on your finger, since that can be painful and prevent enough blood circulation.

Ring Size Adjusters

Not everyone is willing to commit to a single size for the rest of their lives. Our bodies go through changes and you never know if a ring will fit you perfectly forever.

The best way to combat the uncertainty is to get adjustable resizing devices. 

Any experienced jeweler will be able to fit a fold-over device or a spring insert. This will help to increase or decrease the space in your ring, making it easy for you to control the grip it has over your finger.

Glue and Candle Wax

This is one of the messier options you have at your disposal, but the good thing is you get to use accessible household items.

For instance, you could squeeze a generous strip of glue directly (and carefully) onto the inside of the band. If glue isn’t something you want to be working with, candle wax is a better option.

I personally prefer the candle wax method and have used it on my own rings. The glue option seems a bit questionable, though I noticed in my research people have done it successfully. 

While things could get messy, you do have greater freedom to size and shape it as you please. 

Nail Polish

Another quick drying liquid that turns solid, nail polish can be very effective at making your ring smaller. The key is to apply a thin coat on the inner ring shank. You’re better off using clear nail polish so that nobody notices what you’ve got under there. 

While it’s soft to the touch and practically invisible, this is a very temporary fix. As you know, nail polish doesn’t last long on surfaces, especially if it’s under stress every day. 

Dental Floss

If you have some fishing line or dental floss lying around, you may be able to use that to make your ring fit tighter. Even a normal piece of thread could do the trick.

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The idea is to wrap whatever you’re using around the back of the ring, going around as many times as you need until you get a perfect fit. 

Avoid getting your ring wet. Depending on the material you used, it might loosen your wrap job.

Metal Sizing Beads (Semi-Permanent)

For this method, little metal beads are polished into a circular shape before a jeweler welds them into the ring.

Different sizes of metal beads can be added for an even bigger reduction in ring size. This is a semi-permanent solution that doesn’t move around (since it’s attached to the ring).

A jeweler is able to remove the beads as needed, without any damage to the ring. This is a great option, but of course may cost a bit more than the temporary solutions outlined here (and is more of a time commitment, since you have to visit a jeweler).

Resizing By a Professional Jeweler (Permanent)

If you’re not up for a DIY hack, then you may want to pay a visit to your jeweler.

Jewelry stores usually do resizing, making rings smaller or bigger by up to two sizes. A professional will simply cut out a piece of the ring, fit the two ends together, reshape it into a perfect circle, and polish it up when done.

How do you tighten a loose ring at home? Some things to consider

Everything deserves a second chance, even your ring.

Consider all the advantages and disadvantages of each option, both permanent and temporary.

Know that by having your ring cut and resized, the metal will lose structural integrity. On the other hand, sizing beads, a fold-over device, or a ring guard added will not affect the ring itself.

When permanently resizing a precious and important ring, spare no expense. Do your research and find a reliable jeweler who can confidently resize your ring.

While almost all rings can be resized by your jeweler, titanium and stainless steel rings cannot be resized, by even the best of jewelers.

In the future, when purchasing a ring, make sure it’s a perfect fit to avoid resizing it at all. Aim for something that needs just a bit of a squeeze to get past the knuckle, and you’re good to go.

We hope this was helpful!

If you ever wondered how to wear a ring that’s too big, then you should have a plan of action by now. You have a few tricks up your sleeve which you can try from home and you know when to apply either temporary measures or more permanent fixes. 

Which techniques are you going to try?

DM us on Instagram to let us know, or if you’d like to ask about any other jewelry hacks!

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