Studs to Hoops and More: All The Different Types of Earrings for Guys

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Many men may feel that when it comes to selecting earrings, there are not a lot of options out there for them. For men who do wear earrings already, they often stick with the same style for years.

And for those thinking about adorning their lobes, they don’t know where to start. If you are searching for a new wardrobe staple or something to mix it up there is plenty out there to choose from.

Earrings can also be one of the most expressive men’s jewelry items. Check out our guide and don’t limit yourself to just studs and hoops!

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This is one of the most popular types of men’s earrings. The options for stud earrings are truly endless in terms of design. If you wear earrings, you would be well served to have at least one go-to pair of studs in your arsenal.

The reasons why are simple: they are super comfortable to wear (you can even sleep in some styles), they go with nearly every outfit, and are an approachable accessory. Wear in one ear, or both. Get yourself some studs!

Diamond and Stone Studs

For a timeless piece of earrings, look no further than a pair of diamond or stone studs. In terms of diamonds,  white diamonds are the most common. However, black or colored diamonds can also make for a cool signature piece. 

Diamonds are not the end-all-be-all though. Don’t sleep on options like cubic zirconia, or lab-grown diamonds to give you the same eye-catching look at a more accessible price point.

If your style leans more western or bohemian you may prefer a colorful natural stone. Wanting a more personal touch? Look for your birthstone. No matter what you choose it is sure to make any day when you put these precious studs on feel like a special one. 

Metal Studs

Choose a pair of studs crafted from precious metals for a truly everyday pair of earrings.

Metal studs go with everything and you can pair them with your outfit and other accessories without a second thought. Lightweight metal studs are the kind of earrings you can sleep, shower, swim, and party in. 

With so many affordable options on the market it is easy to try out styles and play with new trends. Choose a classic design in pure gold or silver for an investment that will last a lifetime, a little hint of luxury to always keep you company. 


An edgier, bolder cousin to the stud, barbell earrings are differentiated by having studs on both sides united by a bar. Longer barbells can be worn between two ear piercings, typically on your upper cartilage, for a punk-rock aesthetic.

These earrings come in a wide variety of designs and lengths, from the classic rounded tips to modern flat-head styles that are flush against your ear. 

One of the nice things about barbells is that they can be an even sturdier option than studs. This is because they fasten securely by screwing the two pieces together, as opposed to the sometimes unreliable earring backing that comes with your standard stud. 


Hoops are another frequent choice for men’s earrings and are as fun and easy to wear, if perhaps a little more rock-and-roll than the tidy stud earring.

Men’s hoops are typically pretty small and designed to hug the earlobe, but you are encouraged to play with varying sizes to find the right fit for you. If you have multiple ear piercings, a hoop can also make an ideal accompaniment to a stud. 

Metal Hoops

Who doesn’t love to see a sliver of gold, sterling silver, or platinum hanging from your ear?

The metal hoop is an instant marker of taste and style. Select a thin rounded hoop for an extremely wearable style, or try a thicker gauge or square design for something a bit more definitive.

Different finishings and styles can also provide a more rustic or polished look depending on your preference. 

Stone and Diamond Hoops

To grab a little bit more attention consider a pair of hoops that feature diamonds or other precious stones.

Stones can add shine, color, and a boost of personality to your hoops. These may not be your everyday pick, but will be the ones you turn to when looking for something to pair with your suiting or to dress up your evening. 

Pendant Hoops

When you wear a pendant hoop you are making a statement that you are sure of yourself, and confident in your style.

From western-inspired feathers and arrows, to cool crosses, to fashion-forward shapes of all kinds the pendant hoop is having a menswear moment. Try pairing a pendant hoop with a stud on the other ear, or even a cool ear cuff. Many men choose to wear a pendant earring on only one ear as an accent piece. 

Tapers and Gauges

Reminiscent of the effortlessly cool street style you can find at the local skate park or tattoo parlor, tapers and gauges are another popular men’s earring type.

Tapers and gauges both achieve their uniquely punk-rock look by increasing, or gauging, the size of your pierced ear hole. Tapers are a solid piece of material that you put through your ear. They are typically worn for a shorter period of time with the function of increasing your gauge size. 

Gauges are either solid or hollowed out earrings that come in a range of widths to fit snugly in your ear. You can find these earrings in all kinds of materials, from metal to stone to wood, and colors. 

Gauging your ears is a bit of a commitment (even if most of the time your ears will return to normal with time). If you want the fashion and are willing to forego the punk-rock bonafide, look for faux-taper studs that will give you the same effect. 


Not quite ready to take the piercing plunge? You can still accessorize your ears with a cool cuff. Cuffs will hook snugly around your upper cartilage for an edgy, confident touch.

Typically made of silver or gold, cuffs come in various widths and finishings for a statement that is all your own. 

Earring cuffs also make fun additions to the collections of those with pierced ears who enjoy layering accessories. Stack one along your ear for a trendy and low commitment way to mimic the look of another piercing. 

Novelty Earrings

Accessories are made to give you the chance to mix it up and play with your style. Novelty earrings are often affordable, trend-forward items you can pick up to express yourself.

Pendant earrings will provide plentiful options in this category but you can also find plenty of cheeky studs. Feeling a little stale and bored of your everyday wear? That is exactly what a playful novelty earring is for. Don’t take it so seriously, it’s only fashion. 

In Conclusion

Men’s earrings may be small treasures, but these pieces punch far above their weight in terms of impact. So intimately a part of your profile, earrings have the potential to upgrade your look or make a statement to others.

Choosing something that suits you, your facial features, and that you find flattering is certainly important. When you discover the right earrings it can feel like a real extension of yourself, like something you don’t feel like yourself without.

We hope this guide helped you to see that there are more choices to choose from than you may have thought, and that you are able to discover that pair you can’t live without (even if you now know you don’t have to be stuck with the same look forever.)

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