7 Of Our Favorite Watches with a Gold Face (Casual and Dressy)

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When you think of gold watches, you might picture a larger-than-life character wearing an eye-catching monstrosity on his wrist at a fancy event. But today’s gold timepieces are much more versatile!

You’ll find that lustrous yellow color in many different styles. These seven exquisite watches with a gold face caught our eye.

Nowadays, watch brands can be very creative when using shades of gold. Of course, some are flashy while others are more refined. And I bet you didn’t think gold tones could be used on a rugged tool watch, too. 

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Wear Leather, Gold, Even Two-Tone Bracelets with a Gold Face Watch

Gold still isn’t doin’ it for ya? Check out some of our more neutral picks, like these watches with a white face, black dial watches, and even blue face watches.

We’ve also rounded up green dial watches and red dial watches. Be sure to check those out too!

OK, here are our favorite gold dial watches, from the affordable to the more luxe.

  1. Casio A168WG9UR

    The classic fan-favorite AI6WA gets the gold treatment here. And despite the casual design language, the A168WG9UR’s shiny yellow hue makes perfect sense, thematically. The watch’s delightful retro look gives this version a fun solid gold ‘60s feel. On the function side, this bang-for-buck timepiece is famously ergonomic, with a quartz movement that’s more accurate than any budget mechanical.

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    02/18/2024 02:19 am GMT
  2. Seiko SUP896

    The Seiko SUP896 uses gold tones in a sophisticated fashion, tempering the shine with modern, understated features like sleek baton indices and a beautifully stepped 28mm gold-toned case. Plus, the luster of the dial and case really complement the calfskin leather strap. This contemporary take on the classic tank makes it the perfect timepiece for guys who think they can’t pull off gold-tones or tank watches.

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  3. Seiko 5 SRPE74

    From classy to flashy, the Seiko 5 SRPE74 is at an excellent price point to try a statement piece like this. It’s a monochrome watch, but the textured bezel (complete with bling-appropriate font), sunray dial, and smooth bracelet all come together to add topographical diversity and character. And despite its look-at-me appeal, it’s still a true Seiko 5 with an automatic movement and 100 meters of water resistance.

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  4. Orient 70th Anniversary Diver RA-AC0K05G

    Orient brilliantly manages to make gold look rugged here, thanks to the dramatically gradated champagne center that looks like a ray of light. Top that off with a robust coin-edged bronze case and a textured leather strap, and you’ve got a true-blue tool watch. One of Orient’s best-kept secrets, this version is limited to only 2500 pieces but isn’t that hard to find, and it boasts a sapphire crystal, 200 meters of water resistance, and a 22-jewel automatic movement.

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  5. Tissot Visodate

    A truly respectful and un-ironic take on vintage gold watches, the Tissot Visodate’s sunburst dial and cursive appellation give it the look of a leveled-up ‘60s dress watch. Still, there are some thoughtful modern touches that don’t interrupt the timeless style. These include the flawlessly applied indices and the Powermatic 80 movement, Tissot’s exclusive automatic that stays accurate even if you haven’t worn it for three whole days.

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  6. Omega Constellation

    The unisex 36mm Omega Constellation comes in a gold variation, equipped with all of the signature Constellation features, from the side talons gripping the bezel to the overall robust yet elegant aesthetic. One notable quality is how the sunburst emanates from the dial's star application, which is situated just beneath the hands. Typically sunbursts emit from the center, which gives this watch a distinct look, with every small detail, at every angle. Omega-specific features include their Sedna gold, which is as shiny as 18k gold but stronger, and its Master Chronometer movement.

    02/18/2024 10:04 am GMT
  7. Rolex Datejust 41

    From the Sky-Dweller to the pie-pan Datejust, a lot of Rolexes get the gold treatment, but none are as classic as the Datejust 41, the simplest and most understated of all the gold Rolex timepieces. The light hits the champagne dial differently than it does the smooth gilt-toned bezel, providing the most gracefully restrained level of complexity. Of course, it runs on an in-house COSC-certified movement that’s durable and accurate in any condition.


The Best Gold Dial Watch for You

Truly, gold timepieces are the missing link between practical wrist watches and men’s jewelry. Who would have thought that even casual Casios and utilitarian dive watches could pull off this eye-catching hue!

We hope this was helpful! DM us on Instagram anytime if you have questions on watches and jewelry, or have any ideas on what you’d like us to cover!

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