The Best Leather Bracelets For Guys: 15 Awesome Finds

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When it comes to wristwear, leather bracelets are a naturally stylish option for men. That’s why they’re such a popular strap choice for watches! In this article, we’ve got 15 of the best leather bracelets for men (that we’ve come across so far, at least), fit for every guy’s unique personal style.

Even men who don’t often wear jewelry will be surprised to find how easy leather bracelets are to incorporate into everyday outfits. Furthermore, they can really pull a look together, leveling up a simple combination, whether you’re going for an accent or a statement piece! 

If you can wear a wristwatch, you can wear a leather bracelet. Plus they’re a fun and safe way to experiment with accessories, since they don’t take up much real estate on your body.

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Here are a few cool finds!

  1. Oliver Cabell Gordon Bracelet

    This bracelet is so understated, literally anyone can wear it, whether you’re in jeans or a tuxedo. As subtle as it is, it’s still interesting-looking. The Italian leather body and loop button closure boast texture and shine, adding a flicker of intrigue to your wrist.

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  2. Tod’s MyColors Bracelet

    The wrap-around wear and double tone of this Tod’s piece provide vivid complexity, while the matte leather ensures it’s still versatile and unflashy. Easily worn with any personal style, you can have fun with this bracelet by matching the colors to your outfit, or using the brighter color as a lowkey accent.

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  3. Louis Vuitton x NBA Loop Bracelet

    Bringing streetwear and high-fashion together is a winning partnership, perfectly showcased in this loop bracelet. It balances the Vuitton classiness with the cool accessibility of athletic wear. A natural statement piece, this bracelet would pair excellently with a dress watch or sport watch.

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  4. Nordstrom Chain Accent Bracelet

    This sleek bracelet from Nordstrom is different from other chunky chain-style jewelry in that you can actually style it in several ways. The chain isn’t aggressively robust, and is tempered by the beautiful leather weaving. Match it to the hardware on leather jackets or utility shirts, or wear the bracelet as an edgy but refined pop in smart casual situations.

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  5. Collin Rowe Distressed Leather Cuff

    The dimensional double-layer on this cuff adds a handsome bulk to your wrist, further complemented by the rough-and-tumble aesthetic of the cowhide. Wear this bang-for-buck bracelet with other well-architectured pieces like sturdy jackets and heavy denim. 

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  6. Maison Margiela Double Wrap Bracelet

    Leave it to Maison Margiela to design a casually in-vogue leather bracelet. The simple double-wrap and double o-ring style is a testament to the “it’s not what it is, it’s how you wear it” philosophy. Go for this piece if you love fashionably untucked looks, camp collars, or wearing leather slip-ons with no socks. 

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  7. Atlas Accessories Aeson Baltic Amber Bracelet

    Especially for its skinny silhouette, this Atlas bracelet is all texture and a lot of material, sporting knotted distressed leather, a metal clasp, and exquisite amber. It has an adventurous look that goes well with that field watch-clad, rugged style, or even crunchier looks. Of course, this bracelet is so compelling, you can even just pair it with plain t-shirt combinations.

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  8. Macy’s Leather and Stainless Steel Link Bracelet

    What makes this leather bracelet unique is that the leather is the secondary material, while the hardware dominates the body. This distinct balance gives the bracelet a trinket-style look, the perfect accent for soft textiles like cashmere or wool sweaters. If you’re used to metal jewelry, this bracelet is an excellent entry into leather accessories.

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  9. Montblanc Carabiner Bracelet

    While this bracelet exudes Montblanc’s designer elegance, it wittily incorporates a carabiner clasp giving it a tool-like EDC vibe, without taking away from its sophistication. It’s classy enough to be worn with a blazer, and playful enough to wear casually. Either way, it pairs attractively with a wristwatch.

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  10. Thomas Sabo Tiger Bracelet

    The zirconia-clad tiger clasp of this bracelet gives it a powerful aesthetic. It’s an expressive statement piece that would sit well with fashion-forward urban looks or all-black formal outfits that could use a little personality. This bracelet certainly takes confidence to wear, since it’s so chic and distinguished.

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  11. N’Damus London Bracelet from Wolf and Badger

    Super adaptable, this sturdy cow leather cuff features a standard design -in a good way! It fits beautifully under a blazer sleeve, and adds a tough yet sophisticated layer to any simple and casual look. It will patinate as it ages, and is a universally flattering style, even for those of you who are hesitant to try cuff bracelets.

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  12. Northskull Micro Atticus Skull

    The double-strap Atticus is a true piece of opulent jewelry, built with lush Italian leather and 18kt gold. The unique skull design is charismatic, but small enough that it isn’t irreverent, ensuring you can wear this imaginative piece with any well-tailored suit or tuxedo. Like any true piece of fashion, this bracelet proves that formal doesn’t have to be boring.

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  13. N’Damus London Multilayer Bracelet

    The infinity-style wrap style of this N’Damus bracelet is perfectly rounded out by the utilitarian-looking metal hook closure. So whether you’re a style-forward trend lover or more of a workwear gent, this fun and masculine piece will sit comfortably with your wardrobe.

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  14. N'Damus London Five-Strap Braided Bracelet

    With one braided piece, and a balance of thin and thick overlapping straps, this dapper accessory is a complex take on the wear-with-anything leather bracelet. However, the brushed sliding clasp is a simple block, which pulls the whole look together, and keeps the individual straps from exposing too much negative space, so it isn’t overly busy-looking.

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  15. Miansai Vice Braided Bracelet

    The Vice features the clean shape of a classic clasp bracelet, but its contrast hardware adds a lively touch, especially with the gold and navy combo. It’s still versatile enough to be worn with any relaxed or formal outfit. But, it gives you a quiet pop of color that the standard one-color thin-silhouette bracelet doesn’t.

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Questions Guys Have About Wearing Leather Bracelets

Should men wear bracelets on the right or left wrist?

Similar to a watch, you’d traditionally wear your bracelet on your non-dominant wrist. There aren’t any hard and fast rules with this though!

Since wristwatches are most commonly worn on the left wrist regardless of whether you’re left- or right-handed, the same general rule goes for bracelets. You can wear them on the right wrist, left wrist, or both!

And yes, in case you were wondering, you can wear a watch and bracelet together.

Can leather bracelets get wet?

Avoid getting your leather bracelets wet when you can. A little rain exposure won’t ruin it immediately, though you’ll want to brush the water off gently. Definitely don’t shower or swim wearing the bracelet, though.

In general, leather is pretty resilient. While you won’t have to worry about tarnishing it like with your stainless steel jewelry, excessive water exposure could ruin the dye or the fit (potential stretch or shrinkage could occur).

Any Guy Can Rock a Leather Bracelet

Leather bracelets come in so many styles, and are an easy and fun way to upgrade your accessories drawer. 

Particularly for you watch-wearers who stick to one or two grails, leather bracelets are a great way to add diversity to your wrist game without having to buy more expensive watches.

We hope you found a few cool leather bracelets in this roundup!

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