7 of the Best Black Dial Watches That Are SO Easy To Wear

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As the tried-and-true saying in fashion reminds us, black truly does go well with everything. This is especially relevant with timepieces. So here, at all different price points, we’ve rounded up seven of the best black dial watches.

Most of us have one or two everyday timepieces. If at least one of those has a black dial, then it’ll go with any outfit you choose for the day (at least when it comes to color!)

Nailing the finishing touches to your outfit is no longer daunting when you have one of these watches in your collection.

Our Favorite Watches With Black Dials: 7 No-Brainers To Shop

Here they are, in ascending order of price!

  1. Timex Expedition Scout 40

    With its gunmetal-like case and robust but sleek build, the Expedition Scout is a classically cool field watch that pairs beautifully with leather or canvas straps. The black dial ensures maximum legibility for all three of its tracks, and the yellow second hand, which adds a stylish pop of color. Top that off with Timex’s push-button Indiglo, and you’ve got a tactile and reliable tool watch for less than $50.

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    02/18/2024 09:39 pm GMT
  2. Orient Bambino, 2nd Gen, Version II

    Out of all of Orient’s flagship Bambinos, this version boasts the most antiquey look, making for a dapper and versatile dress watch. The stately Roman numerals and domed crystal makes the dial visually intriguing from all angles. Plus, the fact it runs on an automatic movement makes this elegant timepiece a bang-for-buck option.

    02/18/2024 03:09 pm GMT
  3. Bulova Lunar Pilot

    Bulova’s Lunar Pilot is known as the other moonwatch, playing an important role on Apollo 15 after the commander’s Speedmaster broke. Historical importance and classic design aside, it runs on an impressive three-prong quartz movement. With eight times more frequency than the average quartz, this reliable timepiece has an accuracy of +/-5 seconds a year!

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  4. Hamilton Khaki Field

    Not only is this Khaki Field from Hamilton a sophisticatedly-designed military watch, but it’s equipped with loads of functionality that you can easily be charged double for with other models. It runs on a Swiss automatic movement, which you can admire through the caseback, features a scratch-resistant sapphire, and is water resistant up to 100m. The traditional and reasonably-sized 38mm diameter case suits most, if not all, wrist types.

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  5. Seiko SKX007

    A legend for less than a grand, the SKX007 rose to fame as an affordable Submariner alternative, becoming a collector’s item in its own right. Seiko’s 7S36 is robust and shock-proof, and has since become one of the brand’s heritage movements. While this high-functioning watch has been discontinued, it’s still widely available, even as it slowly but surely goes up in reputation (and price!).

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  6. Omega Speedmaster Racing Co-Axial Chronometer

    While the world of Speedmasters tends to focus on their history with space, this reference leans into the watch’s racing routes. Each subdial is adorned with the Clous de Paris pattern, reminiscent of car grills, and the minute lines are excluded, drawing more attention to all of the numbers on the dial. Since this is Omega, it runs on an in-house master Chronometer movement that’s strong and accurate.

    02/18/2024 02:29 am GMT
  7. Rolex Submariner

    The most recognizable black watch in the world, the Submariner’s attractiveness lies in its straight-forward design, superior functionality, and, of course, its icon status. Also a master Chronometer, Subs are notoriously serviceable, meaning this watch will last you generations. They’re also one of the most sure things when it comes to investment value in the watch market.

    02/19/2024 01:49 am GMT

Which Black Dial Watch Will You Get?

One of the best parts about black watches is that they’re so stylishly understated. 

Even if you accidentally wear a black tool watch to a formal event, or pair a dress watch with super casual clothes, it’s more likely to blend in than a brightly-colored dial would.

Perhaps this is why Bond was able to pair his Sub with a dinner jacket and get away with it (not to mention greatly shift fashion norms forever)!

Which model here is your favorite black dial watch? DM us on Instagram with any questions or article ideas on watches or jewelry!

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