Pinky Rings on Guys? A Photo Guide For Pulling it Off

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If you want to up your jewelry game, a cool ring is a great place to start. A big, bold ring on your index or middle finger is an option, sure… but what if you’re looking for a more subtle statement maker? If that’s the case, we’d suggest a pinky ring.

Pinky rings on guys are very common, especially if you’re a jewelry lover. They’re easy to pull off, and they can add a nice finishing touch to your overall look and style.

Before we go over examples we found, let’s get into what a pinky ring is, and why we suggest that as a starting point.

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What is a pinky ring?

Technically, any ring can be a pinky ring if you wear it, well, on your pinky.

But in reality, there are rings you could wear on your pinky… and then there are pinky rings. Pinky rings are small rings whose focal point is a distinctive adornment.

Stones, crests, signets, and embossed designs are all common pinky ring centerpieces.

The pinky ring, much like in the way tiny dogs can be put in the loudest sweaters, can get away with so much because it is so small.

Why do men wear pinky rings?

Men wear pinky rings to make a statement. Whatever that statement depends on the ring, and the man wearing it.

A pinky ring is usually chosen carefully for some special significance, or simply because it speaks to you and is a true representation of your personal style. 

Our guide to why men wear pinky rings may answer more of your questions about the history behind the staying power of this accessory.

If when you think “pinky ring” you see visions of star quarterbacks or heavyweight boxers flaunting their achievements, or an old-school aristocrat flashing their riches, you need some new examples of this classic accessory.

Rarely worn carelessly, men wear these rings to say something about who they are.

10 Examples Of Guys Wearing Pinky Rings (Easy Style Inspiration)

What do you want your pinky ring to say? Here are some style examples to inspire the modern pinky ring-wearing man. 

1. Simple Black Onyx Round Signet

It is hard to name a better combination than tattoos and pinky rings.

Your ink will put a subversive twist on this old-school menswear accessory. A little luxe, a little rock and roll, and all the way cool however you slice it.

2. Signet Pinky Ring with Insignia

One of the most classic pinky ring styles is a solid metal ring with insignia.

Many jewelers offer solid metal rings you can have custom etched with your initials, or the letters of your choosing. Not only a stylish piece, this kind of ring is an heirloom you can pass on for generations. 

3. Unique Band with Mixed Metal

Pair a simple gold pinky ring with a breezy floral button-up for the ultimate summer look.


A ring like this is a less traditional choice to wear on that pinky finger, but if the band is interesting and more intricate, it can definitely work. 

4. Unique Pinky Ring, Simple Band on Ring Finger

Pinky rings know how to play nice with other rings as well.

When paired with simple bands, or when wearing multiple rings on one hand, the pinky ring is a crucial supporting player. Putting this ring on will lend polish and gravitas to your finished look.

5. Two Rings on One Hand

Like mentioned in the previous example, the ring and pinky fingers are a common go-to pairing when wearing multiple rings.

The key is to choose rings in the same metal that tell a cohesive style story. Pairing a band with a statement ring, or switching up the shapes and thickness of the band are ways to remain cohesive without being too matchy-matchy.

6. Many Rings on Both Hands

Who says you can only have one? If your style leans more maximalist and you like to wear a lot of jewelry, do not overlook the impact a pinky ring can have in pulling your whole fit together.

If you are going to wear pinky rings on each hand, this is the way to do it — one clean band and one signet ring. Keep it balanced but interesting.

7. Solid, Small, Clean Signet

For a contemporary take on the signet ring look for something like this piece from Rose Gold & Black.

There is no flashy stone or crest, just a clean circular face. For the man that wants to show they have taste, but doesn’t need it to do all the talking. 

8. Understated Signet With Multiple Rings

Pairing different jewelry pieces together is one of the easiest ways for men to make a cohesive style statement.

Whether you wear your necklaces, rings, and bracelets with a button-up or sweater, your jewelry can become your signature.

A pinky ring does not always have to be the loudest piece you are wearing… sometimes, you can let it play a solid supporting role with equally great effect.

9. Signet With Colored Stones

Of course, there is a way to be both contemporary and signal that you enjoy the finer things.

Signet rings in colored stones, like black onyx, green agate, or tiger’s eye are becoming more popular. A pinky ring like this is an easy way to add a subtle accent of color. Wear a ring like this every day with jeans and a t-shirt for an easy style win. 

10. Something Unexpected

The possibilities within menswear have never been greater.

The lexicon of men’s style continues to expand, and the pinky ring is a great example of how what is old is being made new and fresh.

Bright, rough-cut blue stones, laid in sterling silver is not what you envision when you think of pinky rings — but it undeniably works. 

Did these pinky ring examples help?

I hope these visuals of pinky rings on guys were useful in helping you identify what you like most! Make sure to check out the Instagram posts in detail; many of them are brands with incredible jewelry.

If there is any style lesson to be had here, it is to embrace the possibilities of the pinky ring as an accessory. As the men’s style lexicon continues to expand, so do our ideas of what a pinky ring can be.

Play with color and to draw from influences ranging from western to Edwardian, or make a classic signet all your own.

Do you have any other questions about pink rings? Hit us up on Instagram!

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