12 Unique Necklaces for Guys Who Want to Upgrade Their Style

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So, you’ve got your outfit ready: Dark wash jeans, a crisp t-shirt, maybe some chukka boots. Your hair’s styled, you’re wearing your favorite cologne — but it still feels like something’s missing. Do you know what it is? 

It’s one of these unique necklaces for guys. They’re the perfect way to add that final personal touch to your style. So don’t settle for the same old chains and pendants that every guy can rock.

Go for something different, something truer to your style and your interests. If we’ve done our job well, one of these dozen unique necklaces for guys will really tie your outfit together.

The Best Unique Necklaces For Guys

  1. Mejuri Lapis Pendant Necklace

    Lapis Lazuli was the most highly regarded stone in ancient Egypt, prized by pharaohs for its brilliant blue color and veins of sparkling gold accents. Mejuri has crafted a stunning lapis pendant necklace, mounted in sterling silver and hung on a silver chain. Every piece will have natural variations, meaning that the necklace you buy will truly be one of a kind.

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  2. Miansai Saint Christopher Surf Necklace

    Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travelers, and an old story has him carrying a child across a river to safety. This makes him a perfect fit for surfers, too, with their constant travels over water. Miansai has paid homage to ol’ Chris with a gorgeous and understated sterling silver and emerald pendant necklace. It’s a two-parter, with the Polaris star to symbolically guide your way wherever you go.

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  3. Lee Renee Silver Romeo Necklace

    Five layered pieces of sterling silver are welded together in Lee Renee’s Romeo necklace, creating a cascade effect that looks great with t-shirts and button-downs alike. It’s a big, chunky, eye-catching pendant that’s best suited for people who want a bold style. And if you really want to get out there with a unique style, try wearing this one over a button-down with a tie.

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  4. Mejuri Rectangular Ribbed Pendant Necklace

    We dig the looks of this long, vertical pendant necklace to accentuate the fit of your favorite shirts. It’s made of oxidized sterling silver, and has vertical ribbing to further amplify the effect of lengthening your torso. It’s not as much of a stunner as brighter necklaces, but that makes it a great way to get conversations started with observant strangers.

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  5. Anchor & Crew Tyne Pulley Silver Necklace Pendant

    Show off your nautical side with Anchor & Crew’s pulley pendant necklace — even if you haven’t been on the water in years. It’s a curious piece of jewelry that invites layering, and can even become an anchor point to hang another necklace from the pendant. Try it with a basic white tee, or with a wide and flat collar button down.

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  6. Bailey of Sheffield Chaser Necklace

    Man, we love these Bailey of Sheffield necklaces. They’re all mounted on stainless steel chains, and have a quick converter that lets you swap out pendants in seconds. For this chaser pendant, 30 tiny ball bearings are permanently mounted inside of a stainless steel cylinder. Wherever you go, those ball bearings will move with you, making this a super eye catching piece.

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  7. Bailey of Sheffield Gb Mini Mixer Necklace

    If you’re going to get one Bailey of Sheffield pendant (above), why not two? This mini mixer pendant necklace has three anodised aluminum rings in red, blue, and white. Is it France’s flag? The United States? Just a cool color combo? That’s for you to decide. Any way you wear it, it’s a striking piece that does a great job of accenting simple fits.

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  8. True Rocks Sterling Silver Mini Razor Blade Pendant

    Everything from True Rocks is edgy — but this mini razor blade pendant is their sharpest looking necklace (Oof, that’s a lot of puns!). Made of sterling silver, it’s a small but impactful piece of jewelry that looks great with punk rock influenced outfits. Put on your black jeans and black t-shirt, a couple of wrist cuffs, and this necklace, and you’ll be ready to fight the man.

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  9. Florence London Silver Mens Initial Tag With White Enamel

    Dog tag necklaces are a cool idea that’s been beat into the ground. If you want to sport something similar without looking like every other dude, go for Florence London’s enamel initial tag. It’s housed in a sterling silver square and customizable with your initials. If white isn’t your style, go for the black enamel background with a white initial on it instead. Or heck, go for both — then you’ll have the right necklace to contrast whatever outfit you wear.

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  10. Bailey of Sheffield Big Smiley Matte Gold Necklace

    Do you remember when these goofy smiley faces were everywhere in the 90s? We do. And if you’re immediately struck by nostalgia when you look at this pendant necklace, imagine the sort of conversations it’s going to start with people! Like the rest of Bailey of Sheffield’s necklaces, it’s interchangeable with their other pendants, too. You really could start a collection of unique necklaces just with this designer.

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  11. Gthic Tree of Life Runes Stainless Steel Pendant

    First, a disclaimer: This listing is just for a pendant, and you’ll have to buy a chain to go with it. Luckily, Gthic has tons of affordable options for chains to customize your necklace with. And their pendants are worth going to the trouble for — like this viking-led tree of life motif covered in protective runes. Thor would be proud.

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  12. Gthic Anubis and Horus Sterling Silver Pendant

    Horus, god of the sky joins Anubis, god of the dead, in Gthic’s take on an Egyptian pendant. The coolest part? Every single one of these is handmade to order, meaning that yours will be a genuinely unique piece with its own character. Plus, the gold and silver contrast looks great with dark wash denim and a black t-shirt.

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Where to Go From Here

So now that you’ve got a unique necklace picked out, what’s next? An understated bracelet for everyday wear? An insignia ring to show off your taste?

Or maybe you’re looking for an affordable jewelry brand to start building your collection with? No matter which way you go, always feel free to reach out to us on Instagram with any of your jewelry and styling questions.

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