10 Of The Best Affordable Jewelry Brands For Men (The Best Places To Shop)

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Are you looking for a great necklace or bracelet to improve your personal style, but think all jewelry is too expensive? While jewelry can definitely add to your look, it doesn’t have to break the bank.

So if you’re looking for the best place to buy men’s jewelry, this article will get you started. Here are 10 brands that are affordable, have a great selection for guys, and are among our absolute favorites.

Wearing jewelry is such a pleasure because it evokes the good things in life: taste, luxury, style. When we put it on we feel like we have done more than gotten dressed, we are making a statement that, we too, enjoy the good things. 

Like a lot of things that feel special, investing in jewelry can feel like a luxury that would be nice to have, but that is out of your reach. The fact is that although it will still make you feel luxe, there are quality and stylish men’s jewelry options at any budget. 

Sure, you can certainly spend a pretty penny on a necklace, ring, or watch if you are looking to treat yourself, but getting the benefits of wearing jewelry does not have to come with a high sticker price.

Affordable men’s jewelry is great to experiment with (if you’re still figuring out your style)

You can definitely find affordable men’s jewelry. This article is a great place to start your search.

best affordable jewelry brands for men - rings are a great option
Try wearing multiple rings. Extreme example on the left, and a more subdued example on the right. via PexelsPexels

Even in the world of fine jewelry, a new wave of designers are making the most out of precious metals and stones so that everyone can enjoy them.

Other designers are working with non-traditional materials, like stainless steel and rubber, to create masculine and modern pieces that are a pleasure to wear. 

Perhaps you are new to wearing jewelry and want to test it out without making a huge investment. Or maybe you are the kind of guy who likes to mix up your style and try out new trends. Then again, maybe you have an eye for those timeless, everyday pieces and you would simply like for your jewelry to be priced fairly. 

Here we go… The BEST affordable jewelry brands (for men)

No matter your budget or your reasons for being here, we have put together the best affordable brands for men’s jewelry that will have you feeling like a million bucks.

We also included a stand-out piece from each brand’s collection we think you’ll like.

Of course, you can always click through and browse around the brand’s website to find a piece that you truly love, if the ones we’ve found aren’t quite your taste.

Enjoy browsing!

Curated Basics

This brass cuff from Curated Basics is a classic masculine style at an unbeatable price. Curated Basics has a selection of various cuffs and bracelet styles in materials  like brass, steel, leather. 

You can also check out their equally affordable and classic watches that are customizable with a wide range of bands

The W Bros

Bold, heritage inspired, silver rings at a reasonable price point. Their horoscope rings are one of our favorite picks from The W Bros. They specialize in handmade statement pieces in quality metals, like sterling silver, with a streetwear edge.

The W. Bros Scorpio Zodiac Ring

Also available in all other horoscope signs.

Check Latest Price

This Los Angeles based company draws from western, streetwear, and alternative influences for their designs. Their collection includes unique pendants that you can add to any chain, as well as rings and earrings that center stones like turquoise and colorful Swarovski crystals.


Sturdy stainless steel jewelry lends an industrial and punk-rock ethos to Vitaly’s gender-neutral designs. Their cuban link necklace is a youthful riff on a menswear classic and is offered in three different lengths so you can customize your look and fit.

While we like this silver classic for the jewelry beginner, this same necklace is offered in a cool metallic blue if you aren’t afraid of a little color.

Explore Vitaly’s wider selection of necklaces, bracelets, and rings for jewelry with an editorial look that manage to be cool as hell while remaining extremely wearable. 

Boohoo Men

You can’t lose with this minimal black ring from Boohoo Men. They have a on-trend selection of rings, like this one, and pendant necklaces at prices anyone can afford.

Turn to Boohoo for trying out how it feels to wear a ring or piece of jewelry, as it is certainly a feeling many men take a minute to get used to. Their budget pieces are also ideal for buying multiple necklaces to layer and for picking up those seasonal trend pieces.

men's signet ring best affordable jewelry brands for men
A white metal signet ring is a classic piece where you really can’t go wrong. Photo by Jon Tyson


Gthic is your go-to spot for special pieces with a bit of an edge. Look for their stainless steel jewelry with black accents, like this badass Americana ring. Stainless steel does require a little care and attention if you want to keep it shiny, but this durable metal also looks great worn in. 

You can choose a polished or tarnished finish, and they even offer custom engraving on many of their pieces — the kind of attention to detail and thoughtful design you don’t often see at such accessible prices. 


We love Miansai for it’s classic, wearable, and affordable real jewelry. Their necklace chains in particular are wardrobe staples that are recommended for both the entry-level and experienced jewelry wearer.

These thin chains are compulsively wearable: you can dress them up or down, wear alone or layered, or pair with pendants that you can switch up as often as you like. 

Their gold vermeil chains present an affordable way to buy real gold and will look great and last a long time if well cared for. They also offer pure gold chains at fair prices comparable to other jewelers. 

Asos Jewelry

These stackable leather and woven bracelets from Asos are cheap men’s jewelry that won’t look cheap on. And these Asos bracelets are a fun way to express your own personal style and add an element of a little something extra to your outfit.

Woven bracelets in particular evoke a masculine yet bohemian feel.

Like their brand of men’s clothing, Asos is going to have a little bit of everything with a focus on trendy basics. Don’t look for longevity out of metal jewelry from Asos as they are not made with metals that are meant to last.

For bracelets and accessories made of natural and manmade materials like cloth and plastic beads, however, you can get plenty of wear as you mix and match to suit your mood.

Layer your necklaces at different lengths and weights for a great look. You can start by experimenting with just two and going from there. Photo by Brooke Evans

Amazon Jewelry

No surprise that you can find a huge selection of men’s jewelry at a wide range of prices on the everything retailer, Amazon.

For sterling silver chains, this byzantine design by Miabella offers a luxurious feel and unique look at an unbeatable price. You can choose from 18-26 inches in length to find the right fit for you. 

Miabella is just one of the jewelry purveyors you will find on Amazon, although you will find a lot to like in their selection of gold and silver unisex chains.

You can find fun pieces to mix into your wardrobe alongside high quality jewelry makers. Beware of costume jewelry dressing up as the real thing and be sure to look closely at the materials used. 

Craftd London

This simple box chain with a unique pendant from Craftd London is perfect for saints and sinners alike. Getting a quality chain along with your pendant is rare at prices this affordable. Craftd offers a wide selection of timeless and trend pieces.

Their pendant necklaces are beautiful but Craftd carries quality men’s jewelry across the board. Look at their curated sets if you are into layered necklaces, or want to rock the same chain style on your neck and wrist. 


For the man who wants to make a bit more of a statement, the chain duos from JAXXON are your answer. You can save money with their rope chain and cuban link chain duo, or choose from their selection of gold and silver chains and bracelets. 

Their necklaces come in 3 or 5mm widths, ideal for standing out without making you feel like the chain is wearing you rather than the other way around. 

What’s your favorite affordable jewelry brand?

Our selection here includes some of our favorite brands and affordable items, offering a sampling of different styles to suit your unique vibe.

There is so much out there to discover and the best brand is really the one that makes those things you cannot wait to wear and those pieces you will treasure. 

Some brands focus on classic, yet affordable, versions of gold and silver styles, some use materials like steel and brass for bold looks, and others are charting new paths and staying ahead of trends.

They are all making it easy and accessible for every man to experiment with jewelry, invest in themselves, and appreciate those finer things in life. 

So which brand will you try next? DM us on Instagram and let us know.

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