12 Classy Men’s Minimalist Necklaces (For Guys Who Prefer Clean Lines)

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A necklace with clean lines is a classy choice for long-time jewelry wearers, and a fun yet non-intimidating entry-point for newbies. So, we’ve rounded up twelve men’s minimalist necklace styles for all different kinds of personal tastes and preferences!

When it comes to jewelry, simple doesn’t have to mean boring. In fact, the biggest difference between men’s jewelry and women’s jewelry is that, usually, men’s pieces will always complement the look vs being the focal point or a statement.

That being the case, necklaces are one of the most effortless ways to level up your outfit, whether casual or formal.

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This is one of the reasons a more minimalist necklace is so fun. You can go for a pendant-free piece with a subtle but interesting link design, a small tag with your initials on it, or an industrial metal-focused look, among many other styles!

Check Out These Minimalist Necklaces For Men

Let’s take a look at a few diversely minimalist necklaces. Here are our twelve choices, all at different price points!

  1. Miansai Lennox Quartz Necklace in Gold Vermeil

    What makes the Miansai Lennox Necklace so interesting is that it’s actually a bit complex, in a way that doesn’t take away from its overall minimalism. This complements simple, well-fitting casual outfits like a monochrome t-shirt-and-jeans combination. The claws on each side of the pendant add topography to the piece. So, if you’re looking to gradually move into more decorative necklaces from simple chains and tags, the Miansai Lennox is an excellent vintage-inspired choice.

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  2. Vitaly Design Circuit Necklace

    The Vitaly Design Circuit achieves an impressive balance of minimalist and captivatingly fashion-forward. The laser-cut detailing on the charm displays a synthetic marble, giving the necklace layers, which makes this chic piece go really well with layered clothes, accents, and textures. For example, if you opt for the stainless steel variation, try pairing it with a black sweater or shirt with thin silver stripes, or similarly-colored details. Another great way to style it is partnering with a jacket sporting similarly-toned hardware.

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  3. Mejuri Cable Chain Tag Necklace

    The best thing about tag necklaces is that their practical aesthetic goes with any casual outfit, even athleisure combinations. The tag on the Mejuri Cable Chain Necklace seems to be inspired by military tags, but its flawless angles are modern and stylized, so it doesn’t look like a costume. If you’ve got a brunch to go to after a light jog, throw this Mejuri on with your sweatshirt and joggers, and maybe a jean jacket, and the outfit looks instantly deliberate.

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  4. David Yurman Colored Box Chain

    If you love a Pepsi aesthetic, the David Yurman Colored Box Chain in blue or burgundy is a truly distinct offering. The chain itself is classic and masculine, which really puts the brilliant colors center stage. It’s fun but not childish, and looks great with similarly-themed EDC, like red or blue carabiners, or even a Pepsi Timex or a Rolex GMT Master II.

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  5. Degs and Sal Sterling Silver Box Chain Necklace

    The Deg and Sal Silver Box Chain is the turquoise necklace for the man who thinks he can’t wear turquoise. The aesthetic is efficiently balanced, with its extra-tight chain that has almost no negative space between pieces, and the charm’s location at the clasp. If you get insecure about showing off the small turquoise bead, you can always flip it around to the back, turning the necklace into a simple but unique box chain. Basically, this piece is like the leather moccasins of necklaces, easily worn by fringe-loving Bohemian-types and suit guys on the weekends!

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  6. Oliver Cabell 2mm Rope Chain in Gold

    The key to sporting a simple, pendantless necklace is to find one with interesting linkwork. The classic and intricate rope of this Oliver Cabell Gold Chain can literally go with a suit jacket or trendy scoop neck shirt, since it looks so purposeful and not random. This piece is a testament to the fact you don’t have to go crazy with spending or aesthetics to find a good men’s necklace.

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  7. Thomas Sabo Karma Beads Necklace
    Starting at $84

    The Thomas Sabo Necklace is built to incorporate beads (the clasp is even embossed with a karma wheel), but this distinguished accessory isn’t just for gents who love crystals. The chain is sturdy-looking and the bead-stopper is small and looks a bit like a ship’s wheel, which would pair well with a dive watch and a generally rugged outfit. So whether your style is more explorer-adventurer or karma-and-crystals, this Thomas Sabo adds a touch of character to either approach.

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  8. CRAFTD Connell Silver Rope Chain

    CRAFTD London designed an excellent entry-level necklace with their Connell Chain. It’s definitely the most understated and therefore versatile necklace we’ve got here, combining beautifully with a fitted t-shirt, under the collar of a flannel, or even in a suit situation. It’s simply-designed, stainless steel, and bang-for-buck, everything you want out of a trend-resistant piece of jewelry.

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  9. Studebaker Metals Tag Chain Necklace

    A lot of guys with heavy-duty personal styles often stray away from neck accessories, especially minimalist ones. The Studebaker Metals Tag Chain, with its unpolished and patinated pendant and utilitarian-looking beads, proves that a clean-lined necklace doesn’t always mean a dainty necklace. The cool thing about this rugged chain is that it goes perfectly with biker jackets and work boots, but also, it would be equally as stylish with any texture-heavy look, from flannels to military jackets.

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  10. Bvlgari B.Zero1 Necklace

    The Bulgari B.Zero1 Necklace is the veritable fancy pick of the litter, for those of you who like to impress. Far from a flashy brand flex though, this Italian-made white gold stunner can level up a smart casual outfit, since its exquisitely-designed spiral adds a touch of sparkle. If you’re a turtle neck guy, this necklace would bring a handsome and luxurious accent to a black turtleneck with a grey suit. There’s also a smaller, ladies version with diamonds if you like couples accessorizing.

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  11. Werkstatt:München Chain Mini Medallion Necklace

    Another excellent piece to combine with textures and layers, the Werkstatt: Munchen Chain Mini Medallion’s industrial look is also surprisingly versatile. Sure, the hand-engraving and subtle patination gives it a raw aesthetic, but the intertwined medallions have an almost medieval nobility look. In addition to partnering sensibly with work-inspired casual clothes, this necklace would add a strong, but not unwelcome, touch to more refined outfits.

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  12. Tiffany & Co. Bead Pendant

    Leave it to Tiffany to serve up a necklace that’s elegant and unflashy, but still visually interesting. The understated and unbranded Tiffany Bead Pendant uniqley relies on the brilliant use of multiple surfaces to create subtle and elegant lightplay. More classy than fancy (though it’s fancy too), this timeless piece can be paired with an equally thoughtful outfit, whether it’s traditional or trendy. It can add some glamour to an old-fashioned suit or some class to a brand-forward trendy look. 

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Men’s Minimalist Necklaces: A Few FAQs

How do you wear a minimalist necklace?

It depends on the role you want the necklace to play in your outfit!

If you want it to stick out more, let it contrast with a monochrome or clean-line combination. If you want to wear it as a subtle accent, match it to the exact style of your outfit (e.g. pair a suit with the Tiffany necklace, or a utility shirt with the Studebaker piece), or match the necklace’s tone with other accents on your clothes.

What’s the difference between men’s and women’s necklaces?

While women’s necklaces often range from understated accents to big and chunky costume jewelry, men’s necklaces are usually designed to accent and complement.

However, it ultimately depends on your personal style. While understated necklaces are more traditional for guys, bigger pendants have a long history in streetwear and high-fashion.

Should guys wear necklaces?

Guys who want to try necklaces or love wearing necklaces should absolutely wear them.

As we’ve covered, even minimalist necklaces can range in designs, accommodating to all sorts of personal styles. And, they’re simple enough for beginner necklace-wearers.

Choosing the Best Minimalist Necklace For You

We hope that was helpful!

There are so many different, unique designs of necklaces even when you confine your search to minimalist pieces. And yes, there’s a piece out there for the fashion-forward gent and the everyman.

The great part about minimalist necklaces is they’re safe, but not boring, so you can have fun experimenting

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