12 Awesome Rings For Guys (From Classic, To Unique, To Bold and Eye-Catching)

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You ever notice how elegant a man’s hand looks with a ring on it? There’s a reason why pharaohs, kings, renaissance men and kingpins alike adorn their fingers with bling. It’s the ultimate style statement.

If you’re looking to add a few rings to your collection (or maybe to finally start that ring collection), you’ve come to the right place.

Below we have a selection of awesome rings for guys. These rings can be worn on any occasion, not just the special ones!

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Classic Men’s Rings

I’d classify these under the more “classic” style in comparison to the rest of the rings on this list.

Rope Rings 

As you may have noticed, men’s signature chains and bracelets often come with a knotted finish. 

Some say that the rope represents the strength that men have (particularly when playing a game of tug of war), while others believe that it’s a symbol of the self-love that men need to give to themselves before they can give any love to the ladies in their lives.  

Miansai Rope Chain Ring

Modeled after chains worn in the 70s, this sterling-silver ring was designed to elevate your everyday look.

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Whichever interpretation you subscribe to, a classic silver rope ring makes quite an expressive statement and adds extra sauce to the detailing of the piece.

Try Miansai’s sterling silver chain rope ring for a timeless everyday accessory or opt for this Amazon find for a more budget-friendly option. 

The Band Ring

When it comes to awesome rings for guys, a simple band is one of the most classic and well-known style symbols. It looks sophisticated and makes the best statement. Most men settle for the silver band ring as their chosen engagement or wedding ring

But don’t feel like you have to be married in order to wear a band. They make great everyday rings as well (and you don’t have to wear them on your ring finger).

Choose a version like what we’ve featured above: David Yurman’s Classic Band in a unique finish like Black Titanium.

While you could choose this as your wedding ring, you could also easily wear this on any finger and no one would think twice.

Branded Rings

Sometimes the best way to make a statement is by paying homage to the brand behind the ring. From Bulgari to Cartier heritage, jewelry brands have all created spectacular rings that look incredibly dapper.

Cartier LOVE Wedding Band

The beautiful and iconic Cartier LOVE band in 18K yellow gold.

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A branded ring can be worn as an everyday ring or for special occasions and it’s one of those cool rings for teenage guys that you can buy for a nephew or a godchild. 

The Sterling Silver Signet Ring

The signet ring is often associated with family wealth and heritage. It has also been referred to as the “gentleman’s ring”.  

The ring derives its name from the Latin word, “Signum” meaning symbol, and has a few mentions in the Bible too. 

Curated Basics Dotted Signet Ring

This ring from Curated Basics is made from 100% steel and features a round edge flat top.

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If you choose to buy a signet ring, make sure it’s for a special occasion. It should ideally be linked with an important decision, thought, person, or object in your life.

Thomas Sabo makes the most elegant men’s silver rings and we especially love this Elements of Nature silver ring, which is inlaid with the 12 Zodiac signs. It’s one of those rare mens rings that can get conversations started anywhere. 

Boohoo Men’s 2-pack signet ring comes with a rose insignia and Curated Basics’ dotted signet ring comes with 3 drilled dots which can signify an anniversary or even a milestone birthday. Either way, both would make for amazing gifts. 

Bold Men’s Rings

When it comes to rings, “bold” may be open to interpretation. Here are a few that have caught our eye without being too over-the-top.

Ghost Ring

While a ghost ring might sound like some type of invisible piece of jewelry, it’s actually the opposite.

GucciGhost Ring

This 925 Sterling Silver ring is from artist Trouble Andrew's collection with the brand.

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Ghost rings are quite bold and they’re perfect for anyone looking to stand out. If you’re looking for a tasteful ghost ring, consider Gucci’s head-turning GucciGhost ring

Stacked Rings

Whether you want to hide imperfections on your fingers or show them off, stacked rings are the way to go.

Spinner Stacking Ring

A unique silver ring handmade with cubic zirconia set in hammered sterling silver, and with 9k yellow gold.

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Contrary to popular belief, stacked rings aren’t just for women and these handmade stacking rings are proof of that. 

Together Rings

What infinity rings are for ladies, together rings are for men. This ring looks like two hands touching each other and symbolizes a strong union, like this one from Meraki.

Meraki Holding Hands Ring

Solid Sterling Silver ring with two holding hands detail.

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It’s also one of those bold rings that can help you break the ice in social interactions and it says it all without the need for an engraving. This would make for a cool, understated pinky ring. It looks like a band until you’re up close and personal with it (a subtle bold, if you will).

Engraved Rings 

Many men believe that it’s not the ring that makes a statement but the engraving inside it. Whether it’s an important date, the name of a loved one, an inside joke, or a motivational statement, you can engrave pretty much anything nowadays. 

The best part about engraving a ring is that it can elevate even the simplest ring. To get a really special ring engraving, visit your nearest jeweler and have a customized piece designed just for you or a loved one. 

Check out this post by our friends at James Allen for inscription ideas.

Uniqueness Personified

Now we’re talking! Here are a few awesome rings that you don’t see around very often. And if you like these, let us know and we’ll round up a few more to feature right here on Cladright.

Alan Crocetti Unity Belt Double Buckle Ring 

This ring is a one-of-a-kind accessory that anyone can pull off. What’s more, you’re unlikely to see anyone else wearing it. 

Alan Crocetti Unity Band Ring

This beautiful double-finger ring is made from sterling silver and features a delightful buckle detail.

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Split Rings 

While these silver rings don’t necessarily symbolize a divorce or a broken relationship, they are different to the full circle round rings that you commonly see.

Martyre Split Ring

Handcrafted and available in .925 sterling silver with diamonds & 14K yellow gold.

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The split ring is smart, stylish and sophisticated. If you are more daring, perhaps add in a touch of bling with this Martyre split ring.

Eye Catching Bling

Into that shiny stuff? These gold rings will definitely get some attention.

Gold Rings

Nothing says “bling” more than a solid gold ring. At the same time, your rings don’t have to be of ’80s rapper-sized proportions for it to be stunning.

For example, check out this understated, classy gold LV ring.

Louis Vuitton Empreinte Ring

This Empreinte ring in 18-carat yellow gold features a distinctive and modern design.

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While silver rings make for a subtle statement, gold rings demand attention. And to be hones, the bigger the gold ring, the more epic your drip will be. So I guess it depends on how much attention you want to grab.

Spoil yourself with this Empreinte gold ring from Louis Vuitton. 


If you really want to get noticed, consider a striking ring from Versace. Versace rings (and Versace the brand, in general) are one of the most talked-about jewelry pieces in men’s fashion circles and for good reason.

Versace Men's Rings
starting at $212

Check out Versace's selection of bold rings for men with iconic gold Medusa details and enamel Greca accents.

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With its exotic Medusa detail, copping this ring means you’ll join the ranks of such style icons as Johnny Depp, ASAP Rocky and Snoop Dogg. 

Your Frequently Asked Questions About Men’s Rings 

I know you have questions about rings. I totally get it! Here are some of the most common ones we’ve gotten:

What’s the best ring for men?

When it comes to rings for men, the phrase “different strokes for different folks” comes to mind.

That’s why we can’t narrow down the list to one specific item. One of the best ways to determine the best ring for you is to consider variables such as your budget and the statement you want to make with your ring.

If you’re not the attention-seeking type, opt for a less pronounced ring, and if you want to grab people’s attention, go for a branded statement piece. 

What should I consider when buying a ring?

Firstly, keep your budget in mind so that you can look for a ring within your budget range. Also, consider your personal preference, brand preference and customer reviews.

You should also look at the metal quality and the overall value of the ring.

Lord of the Rings certainly taught us how “precious” a ring can be. You can use rings to express all kinds of emotions while expressing your unique sense of style. Now, go out there and deck your hands with dashing, dressy and manly rings.

Out of all these awesome rings for men, which is your favorite?

Do you have a favorite one from our list? Let us know by hitting us up on Instagram!

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