Check Out These 9 Cool Bracelets with Meaning

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An outfit just isn’t complete without some bling around your wrists, and it doesn’t have to be anything sparkly, either. A great leather wrap bracelet, a skinny cord, or a strong cuff bracelet are all great options. And it’s even better when you find a few cool bracelets with meaning.

Certain bracelets can have a deeper and more nuanced symbolism than others. In this post, we’ll share a few cool bracelets with meaning that allow you to ‘say it with your wrist’. 

Keep reading for more. 

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The Infinity Bracelet

The infinity symbol is a commonly known math concept referring to a number far larger than any other.

It is often associated with that which is endless. Many people believe that infinity bracelets are symbolic of an unending bond or relationship. 

Couples often gift each other with infinity bracelets or rings as a sign of unwavering and persistent love. The infinity bracelet tells the tale of a love that can withstand any storm or trauma. 

The infinity bracelet is a beautiful reminder of the power of love (even if it won’t reveal who exactly has your attention).

If you have an anniversary or birthday coming up, consider looking for an infinity bracelet that will appeal to your partner’s personal style and preference. 

James Avery’s leather knot infinity bracelet is a beautifully handcrafted piece that perfectly symbolizes the meaning of this symbol. 

The Chakra Bracelet

Chakras represent a core connection between your physical and your spiritual body. It’s an ancient practice of meditation, with seven total chakras around the body, and seven different centers of energy. Kernowcraft has a great summary of chakra and the different stones associated with each.

Understandably, any chakra bracelet can have a powerful significance! Each chakra is associated with a certain part of the body, and chakra stones allows these energies to flow through you.

Yeah, I know this can sound a little ‘woo-woo’. But if you’ve ever worn this type of bracelet, then maybe you’ve noticed feeling a bit more positive and balanced.

Chakra bracelets are typically available in a wide array of colors.

The seven-stone beaded chakra bracelet from Egret Jewelry is made from natural gemstones and seed beads. These elements are designed to promote an inner state of equilibrium.

Arthur & Livingston also make a beautiful chakra bracelet that can go with most outfits. 

Eagle Bracelets

Leather bracelets already have a masculine feel. Adding an animal-shaped silver amulet usually only enhances that.

Eagle-shaped bracelets are particularly popular. In Native American culture, the eagle is a predatory animal that represents freedom, love, honor, and courageousness. 

These are usually made from sterling silver and attached to a leather strap. Its overall message is that strength is a possibility even in the midst of adversity.

So, whenever you need to draw on your inner strength, let this Legends Eagle leather bracelet from John Hardy serve as a reminder of that wellspring of courage within you. 

The Washer Bracelet

Washer bracelets are typically made from a waxed cotton cord and a steel washer, and are actually pretty easy to make at home. Another variation uses washer beads.

A homemade washer bracelet can take on any meaning that you assign to it. You can engrave the initials of someone close to you and wear the bracelet every day as a reminder. 

The simplistic design of M. Cohen’s silver washer bracelet makes it a cool and casual accessory to wear no matter the occasion. 

Mood Bracelets

In the 70s, mood rings were an impressive and unique fashion statement. For those who are still into this nostalgic trend; enter mood bracelets.

These adjustable bracelets are the epitome of casual cool and the perfect throwback to an era of free love, free speech and unhindered creativity. 

You can use this bracelet to share your mood without saying a word or even to track your own mood changes throughout the day.

This is the type of accessory that brings a whole new meaning to the idea of wearing your heart on your sleeve. 

A Tree Of Life / Love Bracelet

The tree of life typically represents individuality, balance, expansion, as well as the connection between love and family. 

Thomas Sabo’s Tree of Love bracelet is a great example. It’s also nickel and lead-free. Thomas Sabo has a whole Tree of Life range for people that enjoy this symbol, including pendants and rings. 

And if you’re looking for a more rustic representation of this symbol, then you can’t go wrong with Gthic’s stainless steel tree of life bracelet.

La Catrina Calavera Full Day Bracelet

Have you heard about the Mexican Day of the Dead? As the name implies, it’s a celebration of the lives of those that have passed. But while the La Catrina Calavera bracelet may have a strong link with death, it also carries a very positive message. 

It shows us that all humans are equal as we all will eventually meet our end. The message hidden beneath the artistic bracelet is that we need to relish each moment and celebrate every experience we have. 

And if you can keep Clocks & Colours’ Afterlife cuff bracelet close by, you’ll have something to help you practice more gratitude. 

Thor’s Hammer

Norse mythology is enjoying something of a renaissance in modern culture thanks to Marvel’s star-studded Thor movie franchise.

If you’ve been following the god of thunder’s adventures for any stretch of time, then you know all about his favorite hammer, Mjölnir. 

This powerful hammer is a sign of strength and protection, which is why it has become such a popular symbol with fans all over the world. 

You too, can channel Thor’s almighty power or access your own inner strength with a Mjolnir viking bracelet from Mealguet, complete with a braided paracord bracelet and stainless steel hammer charm. 

Gthic has their own unique Thor’s hammer bracelet as well. We’re actually big fans of Gthic because they create tons of great rings, necklaces, and cool bracelets with meaning, symbolism, and intention.

Elegatto’s rugged hammer cuff is a nice, low-profile version of this bracelet and deserves an honorable mention. Although it represents a more traditional hammer, it’s still a stylish addition to any outfit. 

Feather Bracelet

Feathers have symbolized many things to different people and cultures.

To some, the feather represents freedom, power, wisdom, honor, and trust. It can represent a connection to the sky, God, and the spiritual world.

And personally, it can be a daily reminder to chase your dreams and aim higher in everything you do. 

Keep your heart light as a feather with Elegatto’s beautiful feather bracelet, available in silver and gold. 

Cool Bracelets With Meaning Are Just The Beginning!

Don’t think that bracelets are the only piece of jewelry to hold a significance or meaning. Many necklace pendants and rings can also mean something special, whether historic or self-defined.

Do you have a bracelet that means something special? What do the bracelets on this list mean to you?

Hopefully, you’ve found a bracelet that contains that perfect symbolism for your journey and the place you’re at in life right now. And if you’ve found a great meaningful bracelet we didn’t catch here, feel free to let us know via our Instagram!

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