Get To Know Miansai, The Brand Making Men’s Jewelry Easy

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Looking to experiment with a few simple men’s jewelry pieces? Here’s a quick Miansai review and buying guide with some of our favorite picks.

closeup of man's wrists with bracelet and ring
Bracelets and rings via Miansai

Most men refresh their wardrobe periodically, layering in new pieces and giving them something fresh to wear for the season. With jewelry brand Miansai, you can add a new piece of jewelry to your style refresh.

Miansai makes buying and wearing jewelry easy with a collection of classic and trend-forward pieces you can mix and match

There is something for everyone in the Miansai collection, including rings, bracelets, chain and pendant necklaces, and even watches.

Miansai offers fine jewelry options but most of their collection is designed in affordable sterling silver and gold vermeil (or real gold that is heavily plated onto sterling silver). 

selection of different men's rings from miansai, photo by miansai
Selection of rings, photo via Miansai

The quality of materials, design, and craftsmanship you will find at Miansai is in part due to all of their jewelry being made in house. The attention to detail put into every piece results in men’s jewelry that feels essential, accessible, and easy to love. 

Let’s just say our Miansai review left us wanting more, but we decided to highlight some of our favorites below.

Our Top Picks

Here are our picks from Miansai. We hope you enjoy this diverse collection as much as we do!

Miansai Bungee Rope Bracelet

If you love menswear details but like to be low-key about how great your style is, the Bungee Rope bracelet by Miansai captures that “cool but not trying to be” aesthetic.

This bracelet is made of a nylon rope in a playful, yet still neutral, color palette of off-white speckled with red and blue. 

For what could be a fairly boring rope bracelet, Miansai uses sharp details to set it’s pieces apart. In this case, a silver metal clasp turns a nylon rope into something more refined. 

Like most of Miansai’s bracelets, this one comes in a couple of different sizes. You can refer to their easy size guide to find the perfect fit. 

Miansai Signature Hook & Anchor Bracelet

Miansai’s Hook & Anchor style bracelets are one of their signature designs. You can find a variety of types of bracelets in their collection for men and women, and with both a hook style (like this one), or anchor-shaped fasteners. 

This black leather and rose gold Anchor Bracelet is a particularly nice choice. Many men think the slightly pink-tinged rose gold isn’t for them, but love it once they give it a chance.

Rose gold is for everyone (although, it does look particularly nice with olive skin tones) and is incredibly versatile, pairing well with both gold and silver.

All of their Hook & Anchor bracelets are designed with a leather band that you will wrap around your wrist and are fully adjustable. This bracelet strikes the right balance of hard and soft, metal and leather, masculine and gender-neutral. You’ll be hooked. 

asian man wearing bracelet and necklace from mejuri in green jacket and white shirt and pants

Miansai Sterling Silver Woven Chain

This contemporary chain by Miansai is made of woven black nylon and sterling silver. The addition of nylon updates the simple silver chain for this moment.

As men are as likely to be looking for a necklace to pair with their track pants as their button-downs, Miansai has responded with a chain that goes with both. 

This 2mm chain is masculine, unique, and understated. At 24 inches long, the Woven Chain will lay a couple of inches below your collarbone. Easy to throw on and to wear alongside pendant necklaces or solid silver chains, this necklace is easy to love. 

Palm Tree Pendant Necklace 

Could you use a little more laid-back West coast energy in your life? The Palm Tree pendant necklace by Miansai will help you catch the good vibes you are seeking.

This oval gold pendant features a raised palm tree and is accompanied by a 24-inch chain. 

Miansai’s Palm Tree pendant is a trendy take on one of the most traditional forms of men’s jewelry: gold medals of saints and other religious figures (of which Miansai also happens to make a version of). Necklaces like these are easy to wear and add subtle sophistication to your outfit. 

Miansai has a large collection of pendant necklaces. Even better, though? They introduce new ones seasonally so you can switch them out, or layer them.

Keep things fresh with this breezy gold palm tree. 

Gold and Jasper Ring from Miansai

This eye-catching ring by Miansai sets a green, rectangular Jasper stone in a gold band.

A banded stone with natural variations, Jasper is a deep moss green, full of light and depth. Jasper is the kind of stone that makes you feel grounded just to look at it, let alone to wear it.  

A little bit 1970’s (in all the good ways), but not dated in the least, this ring will elevate any outfit. It is also comfortable enough to wear every day. One of the great things about a ring like this is it can make a statement all on its lonesome, or it can be paired easily with any of your other gold jewelry

Miansai Ace Cuff in 14k Gold

In Miansai’s mission to be a one-stop-shop for all men’s jewelry needs, they design and produce fine jewelry in solid 14k gold, silver, and diamonds.

The Ace Cuff, a gold bracelet featuring an architectural clasp, is a sharp choice from their fine jewelry collection. 

The Ace Cuff is set apart not only by the purity of material but by the modern, clean, lines. While made for today’s man by Miansai, this bracelet also has echoes of vintage mid-century style in its design. 

This bracelet will last a lifetime and beyond. Perhaps this will find its way to the vintage shop someday and when that happens it almost assuredly will still be in style.

Summary: Our Miansai Review

If keeping up with men’s jewelry trends and finding pieces you like has previously felt like a chore, hopefully, you will find the solution in Miansai’s collection. Their quality, wearable, and thoughtfully designed jewelry pieces make shopping for jewelry a no-brainer. 

With a focus on everyday wear, Miansai jewelry will work seamlessly into your wardrobe. Sure, these aren’t the flashiest chains or rings you may find out there.

However, it is easy to fall for their minimal design, classic shapes with distinctive details, and endlessly wearable items. 

Miansai makes the kinds of things that make good taste and personal style look effortless for the people who wear it — isn’t that what we are all looking for? 

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