Say “I Do” To These Types of Men’s Wedding Bands

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When you say “I do” to forever, many men don’t think about the fact that you are also saying forever to a piece of jewelry. Sure, you could choose to change out your wedding band in the future, but most men like to choose something they can wear for a lifetime of love. That is a big commitment! 

The wedding band is traditionally a pretty classic piece of jewelry. It is exactly because you will be wearing it every day for a lifetime, that most men choose to go with something they know they won’t tire of and that will look great with everything.

To find that ring that you will love day in and day out, in sweatsuits and in suits, take a look at our round-up of the different types of men’s wedding bands.

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Still the most popular and one of the most beloved metals, gold is the reigning champ of men’s wedding rings. Yellow gold, rose gold, white gold – pick your pleasure! Or you can even go for a two-toned piece if you can’t choose.

The range of colors and the sheer variety of ways gold can be designed — milgrain edges, diamonds, carved, knife edge among them — is one reason it is so commonly used for wedding bands. 

Another reason is durability. Gold will last as long as your love. Gold is easy to take care of, easy to clean and tarnish resistant. For something you plan to wear everyday, that is exactly what you want in a ring. 

Mejuri Gold Wedding Band

A classic 6mm curved band that you can personalize with an engraving. Made with 14k gold, this band will not oxidize or discolor.

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If you choose a white gold band it can require a little more maintenance than because, well, gold is naturally yellow not white. White gold bands are plated with rhodium to give a uniform look and to achieve that distinctive bright white color and this plating does tend to need some touching up from time to time.

Rose gold, on the other hand, achieves its pinkish hue by adding copper to the gold base metal. Don’t sleep on rose gold, it is low maintenance, subtle, and flattering on many skin tones. 

It is helpful to note that all gold jewelry is actually made out of a blend of metals in order to turn naturally soft pure gold into something wearable.

Most rings will come in either 14 or 18 karat gold. If you plan to wear your ring daily and use your hands often (as most people do) you may want to consider the slightly more durable 14 karat gold for your band. 


When it comes to rare and luxurious metals, platinum is the one to beat. It’s durability, eternal shine, and beauty make platinum a truly special choice for men’s wedding bands.

Platinum is a bright, almost white-like, silver metal that comes in polished, matte or satin finishes (as do most other metals). Platinum bands are made even more luxe with the inclusion of tasteful diamond inlays, they are forever after all. 

Tiffany Satin Finish Ring

A baguette diamond shines from the center of this textured platinum ring with a brushed satin finish.

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Because platinum is so rare and precious it is going to be one of the most expensive options for your wedding band, but if you love the look of this metal it is certainly a worthwhile investment.

Due to its strength, platinum is nearly impervious to scratches and will retain its luster for years to come even with minimal cleaning. 

The most noticeable difference between platinum and other similar-looking metals, like white gold, is in the feel of the ring for the wearer themselves. Platinum is pleasantly heavy, with many men appreciating the gently reassuring weight on their left hand.


Similar to platinum in style, palladium is a silver toned metal that has been used for men’s wedding bands for years. The advantages of palladium are its durability, resistance to scratches and that it is relatively lightweight in your finger.

Palladium maintains its color throughout time without any maintenance although with age and wear it can develop an attractive patina. Just like a good love it gets better with time.

Many metals used for wedding bands and fine jewelry in general are alloys, containing small amounts of metals like brass, nickel or copper for strength or color that can be an irritant for those with sensitive skin. Not palladium.

Palladium Wedding Band

Palladium is not quite as hard as platinum, has the color of platinum but is lighter in weight, similar to the weight of sterling silver.

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These rings will have a very high level of purity, making them a great choice for those with nickel allergies.  

Palladium used to be a more affordable option for men but over the past couple of years demand has risen, and so has price so it is no longer reliably less expensive than other popular metals.

Part of the reason for the rise in price is because it is pretty rare. There are fewer palladium rings on the market and fewer jewelers are comfortable working with the metal for repairs and like which is something to consider.


If you pride yourself on having something a little different than the rest, love personalized touches, or aren’t a fan of shiny silver and gold tones then a tungsten band might be calling your name.

Tungsten is a naturally occurring metal commonly used in men’s jewelry in shades of grey and black, which many men love its masculine and understated look. 

The Instigator Tungsten Band

Tungsten band with Rose Gold inside plating and Black plating on sides.

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For those who value the unique and have an alternative edge, look for tungsten designs that feature engravings, etchings, or incorporate wood or other metals. Tungsten is another hard metal that holds up well to wear and tear, ideal for low-maintenance types. 

There are some things to be aware of if considering tungsten for your wedding band. Because this metal is so hard it does not bend but can potentially break if hit against something hard and its composition also will prevent your ring from being resized or repaired.

A little tricky perhaps, but aside from the stylistic benefits of tungsten, it is worth mentioning that it is both hypoallergenic and more affordable than many other styles on this list. 


When it comes to men’s jewelry silver is always going to be an option. Silver rings adorned with stones, western-style engravings, and modern designs are staples in menswear.

Miansai Silver Wedding Band

This 3mm band for men, is intricately made in sterling silver with a matte finish and brilliantly designed to define elevated craftsmanship.

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In fact, if you are going for something a little less traditional you can also use any of those styles as a wedding band. While a popular choice for men’s rings in general, silver is less common for the eternal wedding band. Silver, can take some work to maintain, or in other words: silver tarnishes. 

Silver, when well taken care of, can absolutely last a lifetime. But, like many great marriages, it also takes some work to keep polished and looking good. The benefit of silver is certainly that it can be more affordable than other metals.

If you do not plan to wear your wedding ring every day, or will trade it out for another more comfortable ring like some men opt to do, silver could be the special ring for you. 


Titanium is an affordable yet stylish choice for men’s wedding bands today. Super-strong, hypoallergenic, and resistant to tarnish titanium is as solid as the foundation of a good marriage.

Titanium is naturally a silver metal that can be matte or polished and often features a carved design, inlays of wood, and the use of other accent metals.

If all-black-everything is your style love language then look for titanium rings that have been treated to achieve a balck metal finish. A simple, masculine, and wearable choice for men’s wedding bands that is increasingly popular.

If you do go this route, look out for titanium that has been treated throughout the metal, not plated, to ensure the color is long-lasting. 

Wooden and wood inlay

Wooden wedding rings are a newer style that is here to stay. For the eco-conscious man, or the guy who likes to keep things a little rustic, a wooden ring might be for you.

Often crafted from hardwoods like teak, ash, koa and mahogany, wooden rings are treated with protective coatings to make them strong and give that gorgeous finished shine. If treated properly and well taken care of, wooden rings can last as long as your metal alternatives. 

Ezra Wooden Wedding Band

This ring is featured in titanium and a whiskey barrel overlay

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You can find solid wooden rings if you prefer an au natural look but commonly wood is used as an special inlay detail in metal rings. Wooden inlays give you the effect of a wooden ring with a slightly easier to maintain material.

If you plan to wear your ring all the time and often work with your hands this could be an ideal option for you. The warm texture of wood complements metal with perfect harmony. 

Damascus steel

If Damascus steel looks like it was molded in the flames of an ancient fire, it is because it kinda was. Okay, your ring itself may not be ancient, but the techniques used to make it go back centuries.

Historically, Damascus steel was used for weaponry and knife blades, and today’s wedding bands carry this past into pieces rich in texture and style. 

Damascus Steel Wedding Band
from $599.00

The best part about this Damascus Steel wood ring, it is made to last. Unlike natural wood, it will never deteriorate, discolor or weather.

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Damascus steel is made from the melding of stainless and surgical steel. The blend of the two is what lends these rings their signature two-tone effect.

When brought together craftsmen are able to create one-of-a-kind woodgrain, twisted, and swirling designs into your ring. Damascus steel is long-lasting and easy to clean, just be sure to take it off when handing any harsh chemicals.


Recently, silicone wedding bands have gained popularity among men with active lifestyles. Silicone is a flexible and supremely comfortable material, and a silicone ring also happens to be very affordable.

Many men these days will opt for a silicone ring as their everyday wedding band, potentially having another option they wear on occasion. 

Black Silicone Wedding Band

Whether at work, on duty or on an adventure, a SafeRingz silicone wedding band is designed to stretch and eventually break to keep you and your finger safe.

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Typically found in black, the silicone band can be solid and smooth or designed with added texture. The great benefit of silicone is the ease of wear. Lifting weights, on a hike, or at work your band will stretch and bend with you.

If you value something lightweight and low stress, you will value the simplicity of the understated symbol of your love. 

Which wedding band is right for me?

Your relationship is all your own, and so should be the ring that symbolizes that commitment. Your lifestyle and personal style are important considerations in selecting the right kind of wedding band for you. But in the end, you have just got to follow your heart. 

We hope you enjoyed our round-up of the different types of men’s wedding bands. Do you have a favorite? We’d love to hear it!

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