Miansai Makes One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry Worth Your Consideration

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Miansai is a bespoke men’s jewelry brand that specializes in unique, one-of-a-kind designer pieces.

The brand was founded by Miami-based designer Michael Saiger over a decade ago with the intention of creating easy-to-wear, luxury jewelry with minimalist flair. 

And so far, he’s succeeded. Let’s dive into the brand to see why, and take a look at some of our favorite pieces!

Images via Miansai

Miansai Meaning and Beginnings 

The name Miansai is an anagram taken from the first couple letters of the founder’s name, Michael Andrew Saiger.

Interestingly, Saiger’s jewelry design career started out with simple materials like nautical rope and vintage trinkets from his mother’s antique store.  His first and most iconic design is the fishing hook clasp bracelet which is still one of Miansai’s bestsellers to this day. 

What started out as a side hustle during Saiger’s college days quickly blossomed into a notable jewelry brand with its own signature.

Simple yet impactful, Saiger’s designs have gained celebrity acclaim and are a staple for style icons the world over. 

Why We Love Miansai

There’s no denying that Miansai is a timeless brand with solid fundamentals. Whether it’s a Miansai chain or bracelet, their jewelry is stylish and works for most, if not all, occasions.

The Jewelry is Easy to Wear

Simple elegance is the name of the game when it comes to Miansai jewelry. Every piece is carefully handcrafted from the finest of materials and follows a refined aesthetic.

Think authentic marine ropes, high-end leather, and colorful precious stones. 

They’ve established a place for themselves in the menswear category and played a huge role in revolutionizing unisex jewelry

Also, everything comes in a nice, minimalist box and a comfy travel pouch, so unwrapping a piece of Miansai jewelry is a special occasion in and of itself. 

The Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail

Miansai boasts over 30 artisans and craftsmen on staff. This means the sketches, conceptualizing, and even mould-building and metal melting is done in-house. They use all of their own machines and tools. 

Compare this to the many jewelry brands at similar price points, that generically outsource their designs and manufacturers.

They also source high quality materials, from French calf and Italian leather to custom-made, US Military-grade ropes and ribbons. Even Miansai’s plated and enamel accessories boast a solid brass base for durability.  

Customization Options

The fact that Miansai makes custom pieces is another stand-out feature of this brand. If you have an anniversary, birthday, or other special occasion coming up, you can get something handcrafted just for you or a loved one. 

Our Favorite Miansai Pieces

Here are just a handful, out of many, Miansai pieces we love and recommend all the time.

  1. Miansai Orson Pull Bungee Rope Bracelet

    This versatile bracelet is perfect for laid-back, casual looks, and the multi-colored bungee cord goes well with resort wear. It also comes in a wide range of colors, including cobalt blue, off-white, black, and gray.

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  2. Miansai Saint Christopher Surf Necklace

    This necklace is a favorite in the surfing community. It features a Caribbean blue Polaris star token which is believed to offer protection and guidance, and St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers, protecting those on any journey.

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  3. Miansai 2mm Cuban Chain Necklace

    A gold necklace is a staple piece that every man should own. This classic 14-karat gold chain is a layering basic that can elevate any look.

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  4. Miansai Hex Ring

    This classic handmade piece is made from sterling silver with a brushed finish. It’s basic but interesting, and can be worn anytime and anywhere, adding dimension to any outfit.

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  5. Miansai Thin Geo Ring

    Miansai is known for designing elegant signet rings that stand out, and the Thin Geo is a great example. Available in polished vermeil or solid 14k yellow gold, this ring can be customized with your own personal monogram to mark a special occasion.

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  6. Miansai Thin Screw Cuff

    This bracelet's bespoke screw cuff design and polished gold finish is undeniably eye-catching. Wear it with a monochrome outfit, or pair it with nautical colors like navy blue and red.

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  7. Miansai Nexus Wrap Bracelet

    This simple and minimal leather bracelet—available in a brown, black, or subtle navy blue color—is made from genuine Italian leather and features a sterling silver button loop closure.

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FAQs About Miansai Jewelry

Where is Miansai based?

Miansai has headquarters in Miami and satellite offices in Venice Beach, California, and SoHo, New York.

Who is Michael Saiger?

Michael Saiger is the founder of Miansai. The Miami-based entrepreneur started his business in his college dorm. Miansai is now distributed in 40 US states and 36 countries, with flagship stores in New York and California.

Where is Miansai made?

Miansai jewelry is handmade in the US by a team of 30 skilled in-house artisans. Some pieces are manufactured in different factories around the world, but they are always designed, prototyped, and tested in-house first.

Does Miansai tarnish?

All jewelry, whether solid, plated, or vermeil, can tarnish after repeated exposure to your skin, sweat, and the elements. But with proper care and maintenance, you can easily extend your jewelry’s life span.

Miansai Jewelry Is Worth Your Consideration

If you haven’t incorporated Miansai into your collection yet, I recommend you start with one of their iconic nautical-themed bracelets or one of their versatile basics. Everything they make is appealing, and their core line is timeless and essential. 

Remember to tag us on Instagram with your Miansai pieces, or DM us if you have any questions about how to wear your jewelry!

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