Can Men Wear Rose Gold Jewelry? (Ask Cladright)

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As far as we have come, even in 2021, there are still some gender stereotypes that are strangely persistent. “Pink is for women”, is one of them.

The soft pink hue of rose gold has grown in popularity among women, we cannot deny that. Taking the lead from the women, this metal is now being used by more men’s and unisex jewelry designers as well

So short answer: Yes, men can wear rose gold jewelry. Let’s go over rose gold and show you a few of our favorite rose gold pieces.

What is rose gold?

How does gold become rose gold, you may wonder.

Rose gold is not a naturally occurring metal, believe it or not! It is a simple alloy of pure gold blended with orange-hued copper. The combination of these two naturally occurring metals is what creates that unique rosy hue. 

Because all wearable gold is an alloy of some sort, rose gold is quite genius in using this necessity to its advantage, proving that sometimes, necessity is the mother of great jewelry.  

Is it ok for men to wear rose gold?

Of course it is!

Men and women alike should feel empowered to choose the accessories and clothing that make them feel cool and confident. Jewelry is no exception.

This is one of the reasons why new designers are focusing more on unisex or genderless designs, and embracing metals like rose gold for “men’s jewelry”. (Yes, that’s in quotes for a reason.)

Another reason men are often drawn to rose gold is because it goes with everything. You can pair rose gold with yellow gold, white gold, platinum, or silver and it will look great.

You can also wear it with nearly any outfit — no concerns about matching your rose gold watch to your black, navy, brown or grey suit.

There is simply no reason to limit yourself when it comes to rose gold. The only limitations are based on what you like and what you want to wear. 

Is rose gold good to wear?

Aside from the styling possibilities, rose gold is good for men to wear because it is durable. Like any other gold, your rose gold jewelry will not tarnish or change color over time no matter what. 

Rose gold is also stronger than your average yellow gold jewelry piece due to copper alloy. Rose gold is very unlikely to scratch or bend. 

A Few Rose Gold Jewelry Pieces For Men We Like

  1. Rose Gold Apple Watch

    The Apple Watch has become an everyday accessory for many people, and as a testament to the durability of rose gold in our style lexicon, the “gold” aluminum Apple Watch option now has a subtle pink hue. This rose gold watch case can be paired with any number of bands, but for an elevated look, I’d suggest a black or brown leather watchband. 

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  2. MVMT White Rose Watch

    The MVMT line of watches from Movado shows that you can have a nice-looking timepiece without spending a lot. This men’s “white rose” watch is a prime example of that. The subtle pink tone warms up the metal, and measuring at 42mm, it is subtle while still making a statement. The breathable and comfortable mesh rose gold bracelet will be a pleasure to wear every day. 

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  3. Rose Gold Wedding Band

    Jewelry brand Holden is all about inclusivity, offering gender-neutral designs in a direct-to-consumer format that keeps prices down. This is particularly welcome in the wedding industry, where gendered conventions tend to dominate. And if you’re looking for something slightly different, rose gold can be an ideal choice. The hammered finish of this model adds subtle, interesting detail to the one piece you’ll be wearing every day.

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  4. Tateossian Rose Gold Bracelet

    From the of-the-moment designer, Tateossian, comes a minimal and modern rose gold bracelet. This bracelet is a thin band featuring a hook and loop closure as decoration. It is simple but punches way above its weight in style.

    Wear this band on its own or pair it with a leather or textured fabric bracelet, watch, or your favorite pieces you already own to set it off. 

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  5. Jaxxon Rose Gold Rope Chain

    This covetable rose gold rope chain is the jewelry version of a Swiss army knife. It matches literally everything. You can rock it solo to exude effortless cool. Layer it with any other chain and you can instantly level up your outfit.  One of the things a rose gold necklace chain really shows off is how flattering this metal is on all skin tones. Whether your undertones are cool, warm, dark, or light, you will find rose gold flatters. 

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  6. David Yurman Pave Diamond Rose Gold Pendant

    While most of the pieces on this list are showing off how rose gold can be accessible and subtle, this pendant is taking it in a whole other direction. And we love it. Brown diamonds, or what is sometimes called cognac diamonds due to their rich brown color, adorn this beveled 18k rose gold pendant. Almost any rose gold chain is a fine pairing with this, let the pendant do the talking.

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Are you convinced about rose gold yet?

There are a bevy of handsome men’s jewelry options in rose gold to explore.

We hope this selection encourages you to try out a rose gold piece, and puts to rest any doubts that this unique metal is not for you.

You will be impressed by how easily it pairs with the silver or yellow gold already in your collection.

Do you like rose gold jewelry? Let us know by hitting us up on Instagram!

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