Guys With Nose Rings: Yes or No? (Ask Cladright)

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We’re back with another edition of Ask Cladright, and this week we’re turning our attention towards nose rings

Should guys get their noses pierced? What kind of girls like guys with piercings? Is there a reason you shouldn’t get your nose pierced? 

Let’s find out.

man wearing nose ring
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Do Guys Look Good With Nose Rings?

A guy can look good with a nose ring, but that doesn’t mean every guy will look good with a nose ring.

Like other piercings, a lot of it depends on whether a nose ring matches well with the rest of your style (more on that in a moment).

Can Straight Guys Wear Nose Rings?

Aside from watches and simple necklaces, it seems like any other piece of jewelry is rumored to show that a man is gay. Where these ideas come from is anybody’s guess — and for the most part, they’re just flat out wrong.

Wear a bracelet on the “wrong” hand? Pierce the “wrong” ear? Wear a nose ring on the “wrong” side? Maybe these all meant something in one tiny community at some point in history, but today they’re essentially meaningless. 

In short: If you like the look of a piece of jewelry, and it matches with the rest of your style, wear it. And don’t worry about other people’s uninformed opinions about what that jewelry might mean.

What Type of Nose Ring Should A Guy Wear?

So basically, you’ll be choosing between three types of piercings for your nose:

  • Stud
  • Hoop
  • Septum

Stud piercings are the easiest to pull off, as you can find very small ones to start with. 

Hoops are more obvious and eye-catching. Some guys end up getting double piercings and putting two hoops side by side on one nostril, too.

The septum piercing is probably the biggest commitment of the bunch. It can take a lot longer to heal and is more prone to closing up if you take your nose ring out for a while. It’s also the boldest statement piece of the three options.

What Piercings Look Best On Guys?

Even if you don’t feel like a nose ring is the right choice for your style, there are plenty of other piercing options to consider

Probably the easiest one to start with is piercing your ears. There are nearly a dozen places on your ear that you can pierce, and tons of different types of earrings to choose from.

And really, starting with an earring or two is a great way to “break the seal” on further piercings. Because once you have one piercing, it’s easier to make more piercings a natural part of your style.

Is A Nose Ring For Me?

In conclusion, just keep this in mind: Your style choices are a very personal thing.

If you like the way something looks on you, chances are a girl’s going to find it attractive too. 

There will be women who don’t like piercings, sure, but if you dig an alternative style, a nose ring or earring is a great way to draw the right sort of attention to yourself.

Do you like nose rings on guys? Let us know your thoughts by hitting us up on Instagram!

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