Necklaces for Men With Meanings (Dogtags to Birthstones and more)

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A necklace can be significant for many reasons. Maybe it reminds you of the person who gave it to you, you bought it to celebrate or signify an achievement, or it reminds you of a special vacation or time in your life. There are some types of necklaces, however, that are ingrained with a special meaning all their own.

These types of men’s necklaces are designed to hold meaning and significance for the wearer, often rooted in history and carried on through generations of men who have made them their own.

Here is a selection of some of our favorite necklaces for men with meanings, plus a bit of history behind them.

Dog Tag Pendant Necklaces

The dog tag necklace, of course, has its origins in military uniforms where they are worn to provide critical information about soldiers. Military dog tags are often passed through families and loved ones of veterans and those who gave their life in service, as reminders of their sacrifice and bravery. 

Jaxxon Capitol Pendant

This dog tag like gold pendant is crafted by expert jewelers to give it that unique tapered edge. This gold mens chain pendant is the perfect accent to any outfit and will dress up any look

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The dog tag style necklace has also become a menswear staple in its own right.

Dog tag pendants can be customized with personal identifiers like birthdates, anniversaries, and names of loved ones. Elevate this masculine classic with luxury materials like gold, platinum, and diamond accents. 

Zodiac Sign Pendant Necklaces

Never have to be asked, “what’s your sign” again by wearing your zodiac around your neck for all to see. The twelve signs of the Western zodiac were first developed in ancient Greece. However, it has origins going back even further to the Babylonians who first divided the skies into twelve equal signs.

Today, people connect to their zodiac sign as a representation of personality traits, a symbol of your birthday, or a way to understand the universe. 

Zodiac Sign Pendant Necklaces

A 14 karats yellow gold pendant featuring a zodiac sign in its center framed by majestic diamond cuts that resembles Greek architecture.

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Zodiac pendants come in designs that highlight the symbols of the Zodiac. For example, a lion, ram, or twin fish. Pendants also come in the star constellation these animals are based on, such as Gemini and Cancer.

Most men will choose to wear a symbol of their Sun sign, as it’s the most common. Although some astrologically minded people go even further by choosing a prendant to represent their rising, Moon sign, or any aspect of the chart that relates to them.

Beaded Stone Necklaces

A beaded necklace may simply look like a fashion statement, and for some men that is all it is. However, for many, the beads are chosen for reasons that go a little deeper.

A stone’s meaning ranges from energetic to spiritual. Some say the deep blue of Lapis Lazuli is connected to your communication and deepest truths. In contrast, Agate stones (which come in many colors) will bring balance and reduce negativity. 

Degs & Sal Sterling Silver Black Onyx Beaded Necklace

6mm Black Onyx Beads with 925 Sterling Silver Skull Head & Toggle Clasp. This necklace is strung on the strongest wire cord available on the market for the highest quality and longevity.

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In the Buddhist tradition, strings of beads, called mala beads, are used in meditation and mindfulness practices. You don’t have to be a practicing Buddhist, however, to draw value from wearing meditation beads.

These beads can also be used as reminders of intentions you have set or to bring you peace.

Many men find beaded necklaces to be grounding and a great way to bring color into their wardrobe. Not to mention, they like the soothing feel of the cool stone against their skin. 

Crystal Pendant Necklaces

Popularized by contemporary wellness and spiritual practices of recent years, crystal pendants are a trend that is centuries in the making. Crystals have long been used by alternative health practitioners and have a long history in Eastern medicine and traditions.

Look for a black tourmaline pendant to reduce anxiety, or try rose quartz to bring peace and harmony to your relationships. 

Miansai Lennox Blue Agate Necklace

This crystal necklace blends modernized materials with vintage inspired design. Blue agate is set inside a square gold vermeil frame and hangs on a 24-inch chain.

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Crystals are highly personal to the individual, an energetic exchange of sorts. Be sure to shop for this necklace in person to feel those vibes for yourself.

If you aren’t sure about any of this spiritual stuff, you know that at the very least raw crystal pendants are definitely a distinctive style statement.

Feather Necklace

Strong but delicate, the feather, like the birds they come from, have traditionally been worn to bring us closer to a higher power. Across indigineous cultures the feather holds many meanings, the thru line being a freedom and lightness that allows the wearer to connect to a greater spirit and a spiritual path.

Isabel Marant Silver Feather Necklace

A chain link necklace in silver-tone brass. Graphic pendant at drop. Logo plaque at spring-ring fastening.

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In Christian traditions, the feather represents the purest of beings, angels and the spreading of love and peace. 

Feather necklaces are most often found made from sterling silver. For fans of western wear and silver jewelry, the feather has always been a popular choice that is easily worn with other silver pieces. This necklace will add something really special, and perhaps a bit sacred, to any outfit. 

Gold Or Silver Coin Necklace

Coin pendants have a long history as beloved tokens meant to bestow good luck and fortune upon the wearer. The tradition of giving sentimentally engraved gold or silver coins to loved ones to bring them prosperity and luck goes back centuries!

At some point, people began turning these coins into wearable pendants (and we’re so glad they did!)

Midnight City Zeus Two Tone Pendant

Guaranteed to never fade, tarnish or lose its color - even in the shower, sea, pool, wearing while training or exposed to sweat and heat - this pendant is built to last and has a gorgeous natural silver aesthetic.

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Stung upon a chain, today’s coin necklaces are the perfect subtle statement-making men’s accessory. 

You will find coin necklaces engraved with all manner of things. To throw it back to their ancient origins, try a pendant stamped to resemble coins from Ancient Greece, or featuring the figures of their powerful gods. Symbols and figures from the world’s great religions are often found upon coins as well.

For a modern aesthetic look for designers who are mixing Greco-roman design elements with their own imagery to create something fresh yet timeless. 

Heirloom Necklace

The most precious things are those that cannot be bought, something that is true in life, and sometimes, in jewelry.

An heirloom necklace can be anything that incorporates something that was given to you by a family member or loved one and carries with it their memory, and the qualities that inspire you and give you comfort.

Vintage Sterling Silver Heirloom Necklace

An heirloom necklace can be anything that incorporates something that was given to you by a family member or loved one and carries with it their memory, and the qualities that inspire you and give you comfort.

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Your grandmother’s wedding band can be repurposed as a pendant, earrings can be turned into pendants, or your father’s chain can be brought to life again with a little shine and by wearing it with love. 

Every piece of vintage jewelry has a story, so if you don’t have an heirloom of your own there are incredible purveyors of vintage and antique jewelry where you can find a piece of history that speaks to you.

Sometimes that unknown story attached to a necklace is just as intriguing (and the jewelry can certainly be just as impressive). 

Silver Circle Necklace

The circle is a symbol both universal and varied in its significance across cultures. For some, the circle represents the concept of karma, that what comes around goes around. For others it is a reminder of how the cycle of life and death connects all living things. 

David Yurman Circle Amulet Necklace

This necklace features a chain that is designed to be worn alone, layered, or complemented with unique pendants or amulets from our other collections.

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Silver circle pendants, sometimes called amulets, have long been worn to bring us closer to harmony with the world around us and to provide protection. The silver circle is an elegant symbol that says so much so simply. You will find it in solid or hammered silver, and held by a casual cord necklace or elevated silver chain

Birthstone Pendant Necklace

Let’s face it, we love things that make us feel special. We all have a birthday, but our birthday is different, it is ours and it deserves to be celebrated!

You can honor your day of birth every day by wearing a necklace featuring your birthstone. The birthstone, beyond celebrating the month of the year you were brought into the world, is a nice way to get a little bit of color into your jewelry. 

Gld Shop Birthstone Pendant Necklace

The birthstone, beyond celebrating the month of the year you were brought into the world, is a nice way to get a little bit of color into your jewelry. 

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Aside from April, which is designated the precious diamond, birthstones are colorful stones that tend to be fairly affordable yet make for eye-catching pendants, like the deep red bloodstone for the month of March.

Some months have multiple stones to choose from as well, like topaz and citrine for November, so you may choose whichever strikes your fancy — it is your birth month after all. 

Compass Necklace

We all need a little help finding our way from time to time. The compass necklace is a reminder to stay focused on where we are ultimately trying to go, and not let the little things derail us along the way.

Drawing inspiration from classic military and outdoor wear, the compass symbol is a menswear classic that can be worn every day. 

Thomas Sabo Pendant Compass Necklace

The centered compass symbol appears in front of an artistic inlay with 18k yellow gold plating.

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Hang your pendant on a simple chain and it will pair particularly well with other necklaces. Crafted from quality metals, your compass necklace is tasteful with a rustic edge. We all have our own path to follow, let your compass pendant be a reminder to never lose sight of your true north.

What’s The Meaning Of Your Necklace Or Pendant?

A necklace can be a stylish way to imbue a little something extra meaningful into your every day. Depending on the necklace you choose it can connect you to history, culture, and your highest ideals or intentions.

When you choose a new piece of jewelry, you then become a small link in that chain, adding your own significance as the wearer. Meaning is, after all, of our own making. 

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