15 Of The Best Leather Watch Bands Under $50

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Watch bands made of leather are a simple and easy way to spruce up your timepieces with very little effort.

Keep reading for our picks of the 15 best leather watch bands, all under $50. 

Even if you’re a newbie to men’s jewelry and accessories, switching out your nylon or metal watch bracelet for a leather one is an effective and low-barrier entry point to try something bracelet-like—it’s also a cost-effective way to turn one watch into several watches!

Let’s get to it!

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15 Leather Watch Bands: Our Faves Under $50

  1. Curated Basics Classic Brown Leather Strap

    Brown leather has a suaveness to it that can range from adventurous-looking to more of an Americana vibe. The zig-zag stitching on this strap adds a sort of swag and character that allows you to pair it with a field watch and a dress watch. Plus, it has a casual elegance that even looks great when it's weathered, perfect for guys who like a relaxed but non-sloppy style that you can even wear in the office.

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  2. Curated Basics Tan Brown Leather Strap

    This unique tan strap is subtly defiant without being overly loud. It’s honey-hued with large pebbled texturing that’s a bit like a flat ostrich pattern, with an almost tonal (but lighter) straight stitch. If you're searching for something a bit different from the norm, this strap perfectly straddles the look of a traditional leather band and a more distinctive one.

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  3. Fossil Midnight Navy Leather Watch Strap

    This dark navy leather watch strap is going to look good with pretty much any color you wear it with, even extra bright shades. It can basically be styled like black leather, suited for formal appearances and as well as more casual outfits. The soft-pointed end, matching soft-pointed buckle, and double-loop are a creative combination, but the overall look of the strap is 100% timeless.

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  4. Fossil Apple Watch Black Leather Band

    Classic and beautifully pebbled, this black leather strap allows you to sport your wearable in most dress code situations. The texture grains are small, and the surface is lush but matte, which tempers the sterile-chic modern look of any Apple Watch. Still, it’s luxurious-looking enough that it doesn’t clash with tech-forward accessories.

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  5. Barton Forest Green Alligator Strap

    Barton watch straps are competitively priced despite their superior quality. This forest green alligator leather is made from a rich blend of natural fibers that are long-lasting and kind to your skin. It’s an excellent choice for a wide variety of fits, whether you’re heading to the great outdoors or keeping it professional.

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  6. J.Crew Leather Watch Strap

    Thanks to its semi-matte texture, this leather watch strap has a distinct kind of refinement. The vachetta tone is reminiscent of luxury bags and wallets, but is light enough that it doesn’t take over the whole aesthetic of the watch. Reviewers mention that it’s an exceptionally long strap though, so you may have to get it professionally cut if you have a smaller wrist.

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  7. Timex Quick Release Leather Strap

    This strap from Timex combines a classic silhouette with a modern black-ops color palette. Even the hardware is black, with a muted shine, further leaning into its covert look. One of the many advantages of a sophisticated black leather watch is that, in comparison to other materials, it’s significantly less prone to wear and tear from regular use.

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  8. Skagen Standard Leather Watch Strap

    The Scandinavian simplicity of this band works effectively with a wide variety of watches, from modern ones to more classic timepieces. The silky-smooth leather offers support and comfort to the wrist, while the buckle on the band is fitted with a single prong so that it can be easily attached to any watch that has a standard 20mm band width.

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  9. Tissot Leather Watch Strap

    The timeless class exuded from this strap is rooted in its subtle details. The stitching is flawless and sized similarly to the strap holes, giving it a beautifully symmetrical look, while the dimensional buckle features smooth side surfaces to complement the brushed center. This band is fantastic for everyday use, but also looks stunning when worn for a night out or a more formal occasion.

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  10. Barton Brown Quick Release Leather

    This strap has the appearance of a luxuriously aged piece of leather that’s been comfortably worn in. This creates a stunningly beautiful contrast with the understated sheen of the silver hardware. And thanks to Barton’s wide variety of combinations, it’s easy to find a Barton set that’s a good match for almost any personal timepiece.

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  11. Barton Racing & Rally Horween Leather Straps

    This leather band has been hand-glazed, giving it an upscale waxy appearance and texture. This deluxe treatment brings out the natural qualities of the leather, and will acquire a natural tarnish over time. Of course, this adds to its overall classic feel, meaning this strap will wear in long before it wears out.

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  12. WOCCI Vintage Leather Watch Bands

    The Wocci vintage leather band is a handsome watch strap with plenty of color and width options. The Genuine Leather stamping gives me pause, at least from a quality and longevity standpoint, but at $13.99, you'll at least be getting the good looks. Your strap also comes with a replacement tool and 4 spring bars.

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  13. Ritche Quick Release Leather Watch Band

    Ritche is another brand offering great colorways and sizing options at an affordable price. In addition to leather, they offer straps in sailcloth, nylon, canvas, and more.

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  14. Speidel Genuine Leather Watch Band

    To maintain a timelessly elegant appearance, this watch band features no stitching on its exterior. Instead, it has a gold buckle included in the packaging in addition to the silver buckle that’s already installed on the band. Between that and its animal-like texturing, this strap is overall elegant and sophisticated.

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  15. Ritche Quick Release Gray Leather Watch Band

    Gray has the exceptional quality of taming vibrant colors while still producing some stunning contrast. This watch band is great for both dressy and informal ensembles due to its versatility. It also makes use of one-of-a-kind silver hardware that, in addition to giving the band a more sleek appearance, makes it much simpler to clasp and unclasp at the end of the day.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Leather Watch Bands

Is shell cordovan worth it?

Yes, shell cordovan is worth the price you pay for it. It’s made of an extra fibrous horsehide that retains its integrity over time and doesn’t crease as much as regular leather does.

What is the most durable watch strap material?

It depends on what kind of durability you’re looking for. Stainless steel is durable, corrosion-resistant, but can scratch. Silicone rubber is great for extreme temperatures, but has lower tensile strength than natural rubbers. The most durable leather is anything full grain or top grain. Check out leather jacket buying guide for more info (scroll down to the “What’s The Difference” section).

Does Rolex use leather bands?

Yes, Rolex does still use leather bands, but very sparingly. You may find leather straps on some of the brand’s premium editions, such as the Cellini.

The Best Leather Watch Bands for You

When it comes to accessories, watches will for all time occupy a unique and indispensable role. Not only are they incredibly useful, but they also come in a wide variety of designs that may be tailored to satisfy virtually any kind of preference.

We hope this was helpful! 

Which of these leather bands are you going to get? DM us on Instagram anytime if you have questions on watches and jewelry, or have any ideas on what you’d like us to cover!

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