Men’s Designer Necklaces and Pendants: 12 Of Our Current Favorites

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Your face, neck, and chest are the first things people focus on when first coming across you. Because of this, it’s not too far-fetched that necklaces are the one style category worth having at least one investment piece in.

So, we’ve rounded up 12 of our favorite designer necklaces and pendants for your consideration (and inspiration!)

While showier necklaces and pendants were a staple in hip hop culture, there’s basically a style for every man these days, from the simple guy to the flamboyant fellow.

men's designer necklace and pendant from Versace

There are various shapes, shades, and sizes worth considering, and the top brands we have here are giving it their all!

Let’s get to it!

12 Best Designers Necklaces and Pendants: Our Top Picks

Versace Enamel Versace Medusa Necklace

If you like the idea of Greco-Roman-inspired fashion, but want something less in-your-face than a printed silk Dolce shirt, this piece hits that aesthetic boldly but classically.

This brass chain-link necklace is finished with Tribute Gold, while the signature Medusa pendant and Greca engraving is beautifully complemented with black enamel detailing.

To accommodate alternative preferences, there’s also a more subtle blue-and-silver option.

Tiffany Interlocking Pendant from the Atlas Collection

You’re dealing with 18-karat rose gold right here. This refined pencil-thin chain uniquely comes together with two interlocking pendants, for a look that’s distinct but not loud.

Roman numeral engravings add extra-special detail, paying tribute to the Roman god Atlas, as per the collection. Moreover, the spring-ring clasp is subtle, convenient, and comes with an X-shaped counterweight to help keep it in place.

Gucci Interlocking G Enamel Necklace 

A touch minimalist but not boring, this 925 sterling silver chain features small G accents throughout, instead of having one larger pendant.

These accents are enameled interlocking G details, which sets them apart as a product of the Gucci house, but are also just cool design elements that aren’t loudly brand-specific. Its length is 17.7 inches but it can be adjusted to 19.7 inches.

Stephen Webster Flipside Sovereign Pendant 

From Stephen Webster we get another 18-karat yellow gold piece, which features a spinning coin with two different sides.

One side is embossed with an image of a crowned king’s head that looks like a king beetle upside down, on the other is a gold sash accented with a black enamel background.

You can switch between the two sides to match your mood or style, making it a two-in-one pendant that’s slightly playful, interactive, but not overly quirky.

Mikimoto Black South Sea Cultured Pearl Pendant, Passionoir Collection 

With an exotic black South Sea cultured pearl as the central piece, this pendant is very sleek, and beautifully balances the delicacy of pearl jewelry with an authoritative masculine vibe thanks to its almost gunmetal-like shade.

It’s made from silver and owes its enigmatic black color to dark rhodium, which is the rarest and most valuable metal in the world.

Cartier Santos Chain 

Just as Cartier’s Santos watch combines elegance with an industrial sportiness, the Cartier Santos chain is the necklace equivalent.

The links feature hard breaks between surfaces, but soft edges, for a uniquely dimensional look. It’s composed of 18-karat yellow gold, weighs in at just over 55 grams for a comfortable wear, and comes together with a convenient lobster clasp.

Bulgari B.ZERO1 Necklace with Diamonds 

As iconic as the structure it’s based on, the Colosseum-inspired B.ZERO1 represents a convergence of eras.

Pavé diamonds line the fringes of the spiral pendant drop, which is a signature Cartier visual, but not a blatant ad for the brand, like the way a CC pendant on a Chanel necklace would be.

Meanwhile, the 18-karat gold chain makes it a versatile investment necklace, since it can be used for any drop or centerpiece.

Jill Sander Toggle Link Necklace 

Heavy-duty while still exuding an upmarket feel, this necklace has the architecture of an ancient artifact, the links and the logo disc featuring stylishly imperfect lines.

Still, the high-shine of the 925 sterling silver is classy and refined, bringing balance to the overall aesthetic. It’s a simple and charming necklace perfect with a crisp white t-shirt or a linen button-up.

Harry Winston Traffic Diamond Pendant 

Part of the brand’s Traffic collection, this piece is meant to capture the vibrant brilliance of Manhattan’s busy streets. Picture traffic lights, except instead of an aluminum frame, you have platinum.

Then imagine the traffic lights being made from diamonds. That’s what the designers of this necklace successfully achieved, resulting in a piece that’s both statement while still being timeless and elegant.

Graff Kiss Diamond Pendant

Technically, the Kiss Collection from Graff is a romance-focused line designed for women, but this particular diamond pendant has a modern bent and a less soft silhouette than most pieces in the collection.

Basically, if you’re the type of guy who can wear a cross necklace, you can definitely pull this off. The ornamentation boasts a row of pavé diamonds weighing in at 0.30 carats, accented by a white gold piece beneath it.

Vivienne Westwood Mayfair Bas Relief Pendant

An elaborate statement piece tailor-made for high-end streetwear styles, this brass pendant has the brand’s characteristic cross and ringed orb, resembling Saturn, dangling from it.

The black cubic zirconia crystals and pyramid studs give it even more of a ‘wow factor’, and although it’s ideal for bold fashion-forward looks, you can throw it over a white t-shirt with black jeans and white kicks as well.

Buccellati White and Gold Macri Classic Pendant

If you’re looking for something simple and unique, this classic pendant is it.

It features handmade engravings, an exquisite rippled surface with diamonds arranged in a star-shaped composition, and gold beads in the backdrop of an opaque surface.

All of this is set on sophisticated yellow gold, with diamonds at 0.015 carats.

Men’s Designer Necklaces and Pendants: A Few FAQs

What’s the difference between a necklace and a pendant?

A necklace will consist of a chain and may have diamonds, crystals, and other gemstones embedded into it. Pendants are a small piece of jewelry hanging from the chain—what we call the centerpiece or pendant drop.

What’s the right length for a necklace or pendant?

The average length for a man’s chain is 20 inches, and is considered the ideal length—for the most part. Shorter men can opt for a smaller size, and taller men a longer one.

Check out our article on the right length for a necklace to get even more specific.

How thick should a man’s necklace or pendant be?

There isn’t one right thickness for men’s necklaces, though the most common range is 1mm to 8mm.

The easiest to wear is between 3-6mm, while thinner pieces can be worn over or under your shirt, and anything beyond 6mm starts to go into statement piece over-the-shirt territory.

We go into more detail in our chain thickness guide, so take a look at that when you’re done here!

The Perfect Investment Necklace and Pendant for You

Whether you want more value for your money, something durable that’s made from the most superior materials out there, or an heirloom piece that you’re hoping to one day pass down to the next generation, there’s a designer necklace or pendant for everyone. 

We’re talking about items that can last lifetimes here, an investment worthy to be made.

Now that you’ve seen some of the best available options, you can make an informed decision. All that’s left now is for you to decide which ones resonate with you most. 

Go ahead and start picturing how they’ll look when you match them with some of your outfits. A man of taste is a man worth giving attention to, so do the right thing and pick one piece from this dashing dozen.

Which necklace are you going to get? DM us on Instagram anytime if you have questions on necklaces or jewelry in general, or have any ideas on what you’d like us to cover!

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