Wearing A Ring On A Necklace: What’s It Mean?

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When a man is wearing a ring on a necklace, he definitely has his reasons. Some are practical, some are sentimental, some simply just like the look.

There really is no right or wrong reason for wearing a ring this way. It easily mimics the look of a pendant, and can work whether you’re wearing it alone, or paired up with other necklaces and pendants.

We’re going to explore all the reasons and ways men can wear rings on necklaces, whether out of necessity or fashion.

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How do I attach my ring to a necklace?

There are several methods, and you can choose based on convenience or style!

Attach the ring to a leather cord

One of the easiest ways involves learning how to tie it onto a leather cord. This is a good option for men who prefer minimalist necklace styles

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If you want a little more visual intrigue around your neck, a leather cord with a hook or clasp that holds the ring might appeal to your creative side.

Use a ring holder necklace

Alternatively, you can also add the ring to a ring holder necklace, which props the ring up onto a pendant that holds it or secures it on both sides with clasps or loops. 

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Other types may have a spiral or twist shape that enables a more secure attachment than would a hinged ring because the spirals hold the ring in place.

The hinged ring

Still, a hinged ring is also a convenient option when it comes to being able to remove the ring from the chain and place it back on your finger, or vice versa, at any given time.

It’s super important to always make sure the hinge is solid and tight, so it doesn’t accidentally drop off of the necklace. 

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This is definitely not an issue you’ll face when adding a closed ring to your chain. Keep that mind if you’re wearing a hinged ring for sentimental purposes, like if it’s your wedding band or  a family heirloom.

You’ll more easily notice if it unhinges and falls off of your finger than off of a chain around your neck.  

Why do men wear rings on a necklace?

A man may place his wedding ring on a chain that he can tuck under his shirt near his heart because it has meaning to him (if his wife is okay with it, of course!).

It can also be for practical purposes though, depending on his profession. 

Here are a few reasons why a man would wear a ring on his necklace instead of his finger.


Many men, whether single or married, take out the trash and perform heavy-duty machinery operation, construction, or other jobs where they could easily lose a ring.

They would rather hang it on a necklace than have it slip off a finger and never find it again.

Damage prevention

Sometimes, men feel that placing a ring on a necklace will stop them from bumping it against a wall or somehow bending it in a way that would weaken the band.

If it has any diamonds on it, sometimes having the ring on a necklace prevents those diamonds from falling out of their setting.

Personal style and comfort

If a man has never worn jewelry his entire life, a wedding ring may feel unnatural to him. Whether it’s for style or comfort, he might come to a compromise with his wife and decide to place it on a necklace.

Size Issues

After a while, fingers might widen and the ring may just feel snug on the hand. If a man can remove it from his finger, he might put it on a necklace to wear until he can have it resized.

Side note: They do make hinged rings that open up, in case you have larger knuckles and find it tough getting rings over them.

Is it ok to wear a wedding ring on a necklace?

Yes, of course, assuming you and your partner are on the same page!

Wedding rings are personal, and a man can have his personal reasons for why he’d prefer to wear his band on a necklace instead of his finger.

Some guys might not have a choice. For example, if your job requires you to not wear any jewelry on your hands, your wedding band would be safer on a chain around your neck.

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Maybe you prefer to not wear jewelry at all, but want to keep your wedding ring on you. Throwing it onto a chain is a great solution.

Ideally you speak with your partner about your reasons for wearing your wedding ring on a chain instead of your finger, just so you both are on the same page.

Of course, not all rings worn on a necklace are wedding bands. Fashion rings also are worn on necklaces. Some guys prefer bigger, louder styles, while others prefer more understated looks.

Basically, any man can wear whatever he wants when it comes to personal style!

What kind of ring is worn on a necklace?

It depends on the purpose of the ring or the setting in which a man wears it. Usually, simple metal bands or thin bands with small precious stones are most often seen on necklaces.

In most cases, we recommend men keep the ring as simple as possible. That provides the most clean overall look. Just a solid gold, titanium, or silver band is often best.

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Try it out!

Are you going to try wearing a ring around your necklace? If you have, what are your reasons for doing so?

If you have any other style questions, sound off and DM us on Instagram. We hope this was helpful!

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