How Do I Wear a Watch and Bracelet Together? (Ask Cladright)

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A watch can add a touch of class to any outfit. And a bracelet can help you show off your personality and unique style.

But sometimes, putting the two together just doesn’t look right.

So in today’s edition of Ask Cladright, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know to mix watches and bracelets like a champ!

hands folded together with bracelets on both wrists

How to Wear A Watch and Bracelet Together

The easiest way to wear a watch and a bracelet together is to wear your watch on your left wrist, and a simple bracelet on your right wrist.

But that’s only the safest possibility — let’s get into more ways to style your jewelry.

Can You Wear A Watch and A Bracelet at the Same Time?

So you absolutely can wear a watch and a bracelet at the same time.

Wearing them on opposite wrists, as mentioned above, is the easiest and safest option. Try it out for a few weeks and get comfortable with the weight of both a watch and a bracelet.

Then, move on to something a little more daring — and definitely more interesting.

Keep the base of a watch on your left wrist, but add a thin bracelet on that same wrist (more on that in a minute). Then, complement the look with a bigger, bolder bracelet on your right wrist.

close up image of man holding elbow with a watch on one wrist and bracelets on the other

Lots of guys will stop right there, and that’s totally fine.

But if you want to push the envelope, the next step is wearing multiple bracelets and your watch on your left wrist, and a mixed selection of bracelets made of different materials on your right wrist.

This is the boldest step to take, and requires a lot of confidence in your aesthetic sensibilities.

Do You Wear A Bracelet Above or Below A Watch?

When you move to step two from the above guidelines, you’ll be wearing a thin bracelet on the same wrist as your watch. 

But where exactly should you wear it? That depends on the type of bracelet you go with. If it’s a comfortable, natural fiber bracelet, you can wear it anywhere you want. 

close up of black beaded bracelet and silver watch

If you have a looser watch, wearing a bracelet can act like a stopper to keep it from sliding around. Basically, wear your bracelet wherever it’s most comfortable for you, and don’t be afraid to try out a lot of different fits.

Can You Wear A Gold Bracelet and A Watch Together?

Getting into metal bracelets makes it trickier to wear them with a watch. Why?

Well, traditional style guidelines want you to always match your metals. That means if you’re wearing a stainless steel watch, the only metal bracelet that’s “right” to wear will be stainless steel, too.

So to wear a gold bracelet, you should have a gold watch, too — or at least a two-tone watch.

four pictures showing gold and silver metal bracelets on wrist

In practice, though, the Cladright team doesn’t follow these guidelines to the letter. We’ve been mixing metals for years, and never had a problem with the look of wearing yellow and white metals at the same time.

If you like the way it looks, go for it — and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

closeup of beaded bracelets on wrist

And honestly, the same goes for any type or material of bracelet. Do you want to wear a woven bracelet, a leather bracelet, or a beaded bracelet with your watch?

Heck yeah man, try it out! If they don’t feel right on the same wrist, try switching them to the opposite wrist instead

The more you play this mixing and matching game with your bracelets, the better your sense of what “works” for you will be.

More Styling Resources

That just about covers it for how to wear a watch and bracelet together. Now you just need a cool watch, and some bracelets to go with it! 

Speaking of which, you should check out:

And as always, if you have any jewelry styling questions don’t hesitate to reach out on Instagram!

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