Singapore Chain vs Rope Chain: Which is better? (Ask Cladright)

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When you think of a necklace chain, what do you imagine? If you’re really familiar with them, you might have a dozen or more chain styles come to mind.

But if you’re only used to one style of chain, or didn’t know that there are multiple styles to choose from, we’ve got you covered. 

In today’s edition of Ask Cladright, we’ll be comparing two popular chain choices: The standard rope chain, and the more exotic Singapore chain.

closeup of man wearing gold chain necklace
Photo by Karsten Winegeart

Singapore Chain VS Rope Chain: The Main Differences

A rope chain looks like it sounds — with its multiple links twisted and woven together to resemble the texture of a rope.

A Singapore chain takes this basic design, and alternates flat and curved links to create a sleek, flowing appearance.

What Is A Rope Chain?

The rope chain is made of twisted and looped metal links, formed to resemble the shape and texture of a woven rope.

They’re popular throughout the entire world as a decorative chain, and especially a favorite of Golden Age rappers like Run DMC and Eric B. and Rakim.

rope chain necklace against gray background
Example of a rope chain necklace from Miansai

What Is A Singapore Chain?

At its heart, a Singapore chain is a combination of a rope chain and a curb chain.

This means it is made of the special curved links of a curbed chain, alternating with the flat loops of a rope chain. 

This makes the Singapore chain a very popular style of decorative chain, as it seems to flow like when it moves.

When they’re made of precious metals, the alternating links of a Singapore chain will reflect facets of light to make a rippling effect.

14k gold singapore chain against gray background
Example of a Singapore chain, via Amazon

Are Singapore Chains Durable?

Because of their unique design, Singapore chains are very durable. Even more so, they’re durable no matter the thickness of their links.

That’s why Singapore chains are often the first choice of chain for wearing large pendants.

Do Rope Chains Break Easily?

One of the reasons for the rope chain’s worldwide popularity is how strong and durable they are. The layers of concentric rings and the twisted style give a rope chain extra durability, and the tighter the weave the stronger it will be.

Final Verdict: Singapore Chain vs Rope Chain?

So which chain is better for you to wear? That depends on what you’re looking for.

Rope chains are a more classic look, and usually worn on their own without a pendant. Think of them as a more minimalist style.

Singapore chains are more decorative, and often worn with a pendant. They’re flashier, both literally (they catch more light) and figuratively (their design is eye-catching).

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