14 Watches for Older Men That Are Good-Looking and Easy To Read

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What makes watches for older men different? While men of any age can wear them, we wanted to point out models that have more contrast, are easier to read, and / or feature a classic aesthetic. Sometimes, all three!

To help you narrow down your choices, we put together this buying guide highlighting 14 great wristwatch options for older men.

Don’t think of this as restricting though! Of course, as an older gent, you can wear any watch you want. And, there’s always a way to express your personal style within your age bracket. But if you’re looking for legibility, contrast, or something a bit more conservative / classic, we got you.

watches for older men are more legible and higher contrast
Photo by Ono Kosuki

A Few Of Our Favorite Watches For Older Men

There are a few things to consider when seeking out watches as you mature and advance in life.

On the style front, if you’ve always loved vintage or classical looks over trendy ones, you can lean way harder into this aesthetic as you get older since those around you will likely be less interested in trends.

Also, as you get older, you can flex harder too—you’ve earned it!

For example, since yellow gold represents 50th anniversaries, those with more seniority can graduate such timepieces from special occasions to everyday wear (along with fluted bezels or Roman numeral-clad dials).

Practically, you want something with more contrast and legibility. Think: Bright and reliable lume, bigger type, dark dials with light indices, and so on. 

The choices here represent these more practical features, as well as a wide range of personal styles and budgets, in price ascending order!

Timex Easy Reader

Straight-forward and versatile, Timex’s Easy Reader has everything you need in a timekeeper and nothing you don’t, all in a classically-designed package.

Timex Easy Reader

True to its name, easy-to-read numbers are balanced with the clean dial design.

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02/18/2024 06:44 pm GMT

The short crown makes for a mostly uninterrupted silhouette, while the 38mm case is slightly bigger than a true vintage for extra legibility.

The indices are large and stark, and if you have a hard time seeing in dimmer situations, the brand’s signature Indiglo is easily button-activated.

Lifestation Sidekick

For the more senior set, the Lifestation Sidekick is as much of a helpful assistant as it is a timepiece. It has a modern wearable aesthetic, with a pitch black screen background and bright white text that’s crisp and easy to read under any lighting.

Lifestation Sidekick

With LifeStation's Medical Alert Devices you have 24/7 access to our award-winning Emergency Monitoring Center, including TMA's Monitoring Center of the Year.

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And in the face of an emergency, the watch case is equipped with a simple button that you can use to immediately communicate with a monitoring center that will send the specific help needed for the situation.

Casio A168WG

Casio gives the beloved and retro-cool AI6WA a ‘60s-era golden remix here, resulting in a fun, prominent, and nostalgic timepiece.

Casio A168WG9UR

The classic fan-favorite AI6WA gets the gold treatment here. And despite the casual design language, the A168WG9UR’s shiny yellow hue makes perfect sense, thematically. The watch’s delightful retro look gives this version a fun solid gold ‘60s feel. On the function side, this bang-for-buck timepiece is famously ergonomic, with a quartz movement that’s more accurate than any budget mechanical.

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The ergonomic buttons and digital face offer a user-friendly operation, regardless of your experience with setting watches or technology, as well as a comfortable wear. It’s a touch bold, but not too bold for an older, distinguished gent!

Ticci Medical Alerts Digital Watch

You can program this Medical Alerts Watch from Ticci with up to eight alarms, which is perfect for those of you who need to take different medications at certain times of the day.

Ticci Medical Alerts Digital Watch

The watch is with big face and big digits. Very easy to read the digits at a glance even if eyesight is not good.

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The alarms are a vibration and sound developed for people with hearing issues—it’s loud enough to get your attention, but isn’t outrageously piercing. Moreover, the contemporary plastic build comes in four fun colorways and has a 48mm case with an extra-large digital face.

Orient Bambino Version IV

While the Version IV of Orient’s famed Bambino can be worn by discerning men of any age, it has a sophisticated look with a one-who’s-earned-it vibe thanks to its mix of simplicity and details.

Orient Bambino Version IV

The Bambino Version 4 has become slightly larger, moving away from the traditional 40.5mm width of previous models and instead becoming a modern 42mm across.

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The elegantly sharp hands not only point to the hour markers, but the dagger-like indices literally point back, allowing you to see the time clearly from any angle.

Meanwhile, the dial combines a murky black with a vivid blue, which perfectly complements the high-shine case.

Photo by Toufik Tabikh

Timex Q Reissue Pepsi Bezel

If you were a kid during the ‘50s through the ‘70s, the Timex Q Reissue might make you wistful, since there’s nothing more symbolic to that glamorous and adventurous era than the time-honored Pepsi bezel.

Q Timex Reissue

This watch pays homage to a classic while giving a modern-day twist with a round stainless steel case, woven stainless steel bracelet, rotating top ring, and blue and red dial ring accents for the ultimate divers watch.

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The tropical markers stand out behind the blue dial, as well as provide a vintage feel. Most unique is the throwback chainmail bracelet which makes the watch wear like a cuff bracelet. 

Seiko Presage SRPE43 (SRPE41, SRPE45)

Whether you go for the versatile SRPE43 in navy, the eye-catching red dial of the SRPE41, or the swanky, emerald-hued SRPE45, this Seiko Presage model takes a traditional dress watch template and makes it more distinct with an exquisitely-patterned dial.

Seiko Presage SPRE43

Automatic With Manual Winding Capacity. Case Material: Stainless Steel, Crystal: Box-shaped Hardlex. Three-fold Clasp With Push Button Release.

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The recurring Arabic markers are generously-sized and glisten beautifully. And as Seiko does, the hacking 4R35 automatic is on full-display via an exhibition caseback.

Bulova Frank Sinatra My Way

Bulova taps into its classic American heritage with their Frank Sinatra line, and the My Way watch is an excellent representative.

Bulova Frank Sinatra My Way

Paying tribute to the legendary performer, the Frank Sinatra collection incorporates vintage Bulova designs with unmistakable elements of the iconic singer.

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The tank-shaped case and small-seconds subdial have a ritzy Art Deco look, while the background has a nostalgic wood-panel-like texturing protected by a curved sapphire.

Like Sinatra’s music, this watch’s design has an old-fashioned pizzaz and remains relevantly stylish even today.

Tissot Visodate

If you grew up with the movie Rear Window, then you probably coveted the mystery Tissot James Stewart wore in it.

Tissot Visodate

A truly respectful and un-ironic take on vintage gold watches, the Tissot Visodate’s sunburst dial and cursive appellation give it the look of a leveled-up ‘60s dress watch. Still, there are some thoughtful modern touches that don’t interrupt the timeless style. These include the flawlessly applied indices and the Powermatic 80 movement, Tissot’s exclusive automatic that stays accurate even if you haven’t worn it for three whole days.

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The Visodate is one of the most visually similar models available, and this version places its old-fashioned composition (with its large framed day-date and shiny indices), on an attractively brushed gold dial.

It’s updated with Tissot’s Powermatic 80, an automatic that stays accurate even after three days of zero usage.

Hamilton Boulton

Reminiscent of the roaring ‘20s, the Hamilton Boulton’s curved bronze brancards give the case a gracefully sweeping surface.

Hamilton Boulton Quartz H13431553

What is not to love about this watch, really? The curved bronzed brancards are from a Steampunk dream and the hour markers are unlike any made since flappers drank bathtub gin out of flower vases. Measuring just 27 x 31.6mm, the result is an exquisite piece that would look great on any wrist.

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This is perfectly complemented by turn-of-the-century Art Nouveau hour markers, all Arabic for perfect legibility, and an opulently-designed crown, two stories for easy graspability.

And with its 8mm height, this watch wears comfortably on any wrist size.

Citizen Promaster PMD56-2951

The Citizen PMD56-2951 is a master example of how to use contrast to make a flawlessly readable dial.

Citizen Promaster PMD56-2951

20 ATM water resistant. Photovoltaic 12 months.

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The white Arabic applications are so tall, they almost seem to float above the stark green background, while the sizable day-date can be read from any angle.

Additionally, the descending outer dial ring and knurled crown provide a tactile aesthetic. Function-wise, the lume is famously bright, while the radio-controlled quartz movement is wildly accurate.

Victorinox Airboss

A veritable feast of textures, the Victorinox Airboss uses the distinction between its white indices and black dial, as well as its tactile multi-surfaced design, to create legibility and visual intrigue.

Victorinox Airboss

Swiss-Made 42MM stainless steel watch featuring black dial and brown genuine leather strap with buckle closure

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Of course, the 42mm case, a strong and authoritative-looking PVD steel, and its brilliant lume help with this as well.

With 100 meters of water resistance and a Swiss automatic movement, the Airboss’s specs are as impressive as its sleek style.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual

While getting older can sometimes mean downsizing, one thing to consider with watches is the family heirloom factor.

The iconic Oyster Perpetual is the quintessential Rolex, spec-forward enough for everyday wear and luxurious enough for special occasions.

This versatile timepiece runs on a COSC Chronometer movement, and boasts several proprietary elements for lasting durability.

Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso

The Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso is the deal-closer’s family heirloom a la Don Draper.

Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Q2538420

What would this list be without a nod to the Reverso? It’s true that its price tag is far above that of the Cartier but you get so much for it that it’s hard to leave off. Apart from the obvious ‘reversible’ function, the Reverso looks and feels like you’re wearing a miniature ornate clock from Grand Central rather than any watch made by mortal hands and there’s no doubt that you would treasure it for a lifetime.


The guilloche dial and tank-shape give the watch a stately touch, but the straight, non-ornate lines of the case and the Arabic numerals are distinctly modern and practical.

Regardless of your age, it’s easy to read, easy to use, and runs on a 30-jewel automatic that can last generations.

Your Watch Can Complement Your Age, And Vice Versa

Whether you’re trying to go for a more mature look, or need extra functionalities and legibility, think of these watches as upgrades. 

You can take advantage of styles you may not have been confident enough to wear when you were younger, or dabble in some cool new technologies that can make these advanced years easier!

We hope this was helpful! DM us on Instagram if you have questions on watches and jewelry, or even if you have any ideas on what you’d like us to cover!

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